Bathroom Vanity #012

Bathroom Vanity

This particular vanity was designed for a client. It was constructed using walnut and walnut veneer. It measures approximately 22” deep x 54” long and 31” high excluding the top. The client didn’t want and drawers in the cabinet, just cupboards with adjustable shelves.

The carcass is assembled with dado joinery for strength and durability, while the face frame is mortise and tenon construction. A rather unique feature was the extra stiles on each door, which is purely decorative and could certainly be left out with a few minor adjustments to rail lengths. The vanity top was granite, so there was no need for a fastening system on this particular build. If you are installing a conventional top, add slots to the inner cabinet ends and dividers and make hold-down cleats to attach the top. Or you can purchase them at most hardware stores.

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Hi All I'm Bruce (aka Wood Chuck). I have been working wood since 1990 First as a DIY guy and then moving in small furniture for myself and family. Over the last five years I have had requests for furniture from bread boxes to a complete bedroom suite. It is great being busy at something you love to do. About the same time I got interested in Sketchup. Now I always build my projects twice, once on the computer for a design and then when the joinery and problems are resolved I head to the shop with a completed plan in hand

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