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Piano Bench #124

Piano Benches

Piano Bench with File Drawers


This project was originally designed for a 3D Woodworking customer. As with any custom design and to keep the cost down for the customer I reserve the right to use the drawing on the website in the future so here it is.

The overall dimensions of the benches are roughly: Large bench 68” w x 18” d x 26” h and the smaller two drawer version is 34.5” w x 18” d x 26” h. The majority of the components are 1” thick and the drawers are large enough to use as filing cabinet space, approximately 14” x 14”. Both benches sit 3 ½” off the floor and the seat is 18 ½” from the floor. The armrests sit high enough that a cushion can be added without falling off for your sitting pleasure.  The end panels also provide handles for re-locating the bench.

The majority of the construction is the ever reliable mortise and tenon with a unique pinned dovetail joint on the drawer boxes. Templates are provided that need to be copied 1:1 for all of the curved details on the bench end panels.

PDF Bench Plan #124 ………………. $7.95

Bench PDF

Sketchup Bench Plan #S-124 …….. $8.95

Bench Sketchup File

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Bundled Bench Plan #PDSU-124 ..$11.83

Bench Combo

Happy Woodworking! Enjoy your new piano bench

A Simple Bench #123

Simple Bench

A Simple Bench


I came across a picture of this very simple bench. The bench is small enough that it would fit nicely in an entrance way and great place to sit and put on or take off your outdoor footwear.

The design consists of only four parts and a total of seven pieces so the bench project could easily be completed in a weekend with the exception of the final finishing. This would make a great getting started in woodworking project.

The seat braces lock to the end panels which in turn locks the whole bench together. Assembly of the bench is also simple with counter-bored woodscrews and plugs to cover the screw heads. Constructed out of pine so the cost of construction will be minimal.

If you’re thinking of using this as an outdoor project I would suggest using 5/4 decking such as cedar or even a composite material to help withstand the elements. Either way enjoy your shop time.

Happy Woodworking!

Simple Bench PDF #123  ……………… Just $3.95

Bench PDF

Sketchup File Only # S-123 ……………Just $4.95

Bench Sketchup File

Save 30% Combo PDF & Sketchup File …. $6.23

Simple Bench Combo

Enjoy you new Bench!

Coffee & End Table Set #122

Coffee & End Table Set #122

Coffee & End Table


Built with sturdiness in mind this solid wood table set will last for years to come.

The joinery is all basic mortise and tenon but on a larger scale than normal. Some of the tenon are pinned with ⅜” dowel and a few have mechanical fasteners (woodscrews) hidden under ⅜” dowel plugs to simulate pinned joinery.

There is a decorative inlay surrounding the top of the table however this is purely decorative and totally options. Though it does add for a significant design element to the tables.

I addition there are decorative knobs on each table, these knobs although decorative also hide a few secrets within each piece.

On the following pages you will discover the hidden secrets within each table.

I constructed these heavy tables with red oak and walnut accent pieces which turned out with just the appearance I was aiming for.

If you decide to take on this table project you will enjoy the build and have a beautiful furniture set when completed.

Happy Woodworking!

Plan #122 PDF Only #122 ……………………… Just $ 8.95

Table Set PDFOnly

Table Set Sketchup File Only #S-122 ………… Just $ 9.95

#S-122 Sketchup File

Bundle – Both Files (Save 30%) #PDSU-122 …….. Just $ 13.23

Table Plans Bundled

Enjoy Your New

Coffee & End Table Set


Bedside Table #121

Bedside Table

Rustic Bedside Table

I recently had a request to build two bedside tables using barn board as the major material. The customer even supplied the wood which was great as I had no idea where I was going to get the material. I had never used this medium as a built material so it was going to be a new adventure.

My first issue was all of the nails still embedded in the wood that I could see and of course the ones I couldn’t see. I don’t know about you but I really hate nicking a blade in any of my machines. In addition the boards had obviously been stored somewhere for a very long time and were covered in “stuff”.

I started by gently pressure washing the barn board, removed all of the foreign objects I could find then sanding until I had usable material.

The design was to be very basic and rustic so the following is what I came up with for the bedside tables. It doesn’t matter what material you are using it still has to end up structurally sound and stay together to be of any value. If you find the top of the table too rough you could always place a piece of glass on the table top.

I designed it to be built with mortise and tenon joinery anywhere I could and a simple pinned butt joint for the drawer front.

If you decide to give this a try have fun, that’s what woodworking should be all about!

Happy Woodworking!


Bedside Table PDF #121……………    Only $4.95

PDF Table Plan

Bedside Table Sketchup File #s-121           $5.95

Sketchup Only S-121

Bundle both files and save 30% #PDSU-121               $ 7.63

Bedside Table COMBO

Enjoy your new Bedside Table

Sanding Disc Organizer #120

Sanding Disc Organizer #120



Sanding Disc OrganizerSanding Disc Organizer


Recently while working on a project I was sorting through my sanding discs and realized there had to be a better way to organize my discs to save time and better control of available grits.

I wanted a holder that attached to the wall to save valuable drawer space, keep them sorted by grit and also I could tell at a glance if I was getting low on a particular grid.

The result is this swiveling stand that hangs on the wall where each holder swings out of the way of the shelf above it making for easy access. The holders of the sanding disc organizer swing 70 degrees to the right or left of center.

This particular sanding disc holder was designed for 5” sanding pads with an eight-hole pattern but it can easily be modified to suit whatever discs you use in your shop.

To simplify the construction I have included a cutting template for the curved sanding disc holders. If you use a six inch random orbital sander or one that uses a 5-hole disc, your dowel post drilling pattern will have to vary to match your sanding discs.

A fun weekend project that will definitely get a lot of use in my shop.

Happy Woodworking!

Disc Organizer PDF Plan #120 ………….. Just 2.95

Organizer PDF

Disc Organizer Sketchup File #S-120   …………. Just $3.95

Organizer Sketchup

Purchase both files and save 30% ……………….. Only $4.83

Organizer Combo

Now organize your Sanding Discs



Throne #119





Fit for a Lord or Lady

I was searching for ideas that I thought might be useful to re-creators of times gone by when I came across a picture of a throne similar to this. I still wanted the throne to be transportable so I added the through tenons with the locking pins which should do the trick. The throne breaks down into 4 sub-assemblies so moving it from camp to camp shouldn’t be an issue.

Woodworkers for centuries have depended on the mortise and tenon for strong joinery and this throne is no exception. All of the sub-assemblies are connected with through M & T joinery with a unique locking pin that easily secures the parts together. Mortise and tenon are also used to hold each of the components together in the sub-assemblies. There are a few mechanical (woodscrews) joints but they are hidden on the inside of the chair and will only be seen by the person putting the chair together.

When I was drawing the throne I was thinking hardwood as the main material however to keep the weight down, I’m sure a good softwood would work as well.

The seat sits just over 18” from the ground which is pretty average, so if the person using the chair is of short stature you may want to add a footrest to the lower front rail or lower the overall dimensions to suit your personal needs.

I have provided templates for the curved parts which should simplify the construction for you.

Either way I believe this will be a fun project to build and show off.

Enjoy and happy woodworking!

Throne PDF Plan #119 …………………….. Just $8.95

Throne PDF

Throne Sketchup Drawing #S-119 ……… Just $9.95

Throne Sketchup File

Purchase both and SAVE 30%

Throne Combo (PDF & Sketchup files) …… Just $10.43

Throne Combo

Now you can look over your kingdom in your new Throne

Convertible Table-Bench #118

Convertible Table-Bench


Convertible Picnic Table – Bench

Limited for space on a small deck or a campsite easily convert your bench into a picnic table or table into a bench whatever you need at the time. Made entirely from construction lumber or if you want to dress it up you may want to use cedar.

The overall construction is quite basic but accuracy it very important. There has to be clearance while converting the table / bench. It also has to sit level no matter how your furniture is being used.

I designed the table / bench using ¾” dowel stock as pivot points, however you could easily use bolts and nuts as long as you recess the bolt head and locking nut.

In either position he table / bench sits at a normal height of approximately 19” from the ground for the seating and 30” from the ground which is normal table height. I have shown the fixture in different colors but that is just for clarity when viewing.

In either position the furniture piece will be handy and certainly a conversation piece with your family, friends and visitors.  Have fun …. Happy Woodworking!

Table – Bench PDF Plan #118 ……………………. Just $6.95

Table-Bench PDF

Table – Bench Sketchup File #S-118 …………… Just $7.95

Table-Bench Sketchup

Purchase Both and Save 30 %

Table – Bench Combo #PDSU-118 …………….. ONLY $10.43

Table-Bench Combo
Have fun – Impress your friends with your new

Convertible Table – Bench


Wheelbarrow + Jig #117

Wheelbarrow Plan

Wooden Wheelbarrow


Plus Bonus – Bandsaw Circle Jig

A fun practical project that will offer a few challenges to build. In order to make the front wheel for the wheelbarrow you will need to cut nicely rounded circles. To help you accomplish the perfect circles I have included a circle cutting jig for use with your bandsaw. No bandsaw –no problem cut out the circle with a jigsaw and fair a smooth circle. I used 2 pieces of ¾” plywood laminated together to make-up my wheel material, however any material that is 1 ½” thick will do the trick. The cut-outs in the wheel look great but are totally optional and serve no purpose other than make your wheelbarrow look cool. I just drilled holes and cut away the bulk of the material and then routed them smooth with the use of a MDF template and a flush trim bit. The side frames and the leg extensions of the wheelbarrow are 1 ½” thick for strength. I used spruce / fir to keep the costs down. If you want to make the Cadillac version you could use and 8/4 hardwood such as oak. I have provided a template which you can enlarge to a 1:1 to make it easier to match the curves. The actual shape of the curves is not crucial as long there is a flat area to secure the barrow portion to the side frames. The box of the wheelbarrow is assembled with a version of a lap joint. The trickiest part is getting the correct angles when cutting your locking slats, but every project needs a test to keep you on your game. Overall the wheelbarrow is a simple yet useful project with a minimum number of components and a few challenges along the way. Have Fun! Bruce

If you are interested in ONLY the circle jig (Plan #30) you may purchase it HERE

Wheelbarrow PDF Plan #117 ………….   Just $5.95

Wheelbarrow PDF

Wheelbarrow Sketchup File #S-117 …   Just $6.95

Wheelbarrow Sketchup File

              Bundle Both Plans and SAVE 30%

Wheelbarrow Bundle #PDSU-117 ……   ONLY $9.03

Wheelbarrow Bundle

Now get out there and put your new Wheelbarrow to use! :)

Kid’s Kitchen Helper #116

Helper Platform

Kid’s Kitchen Helper

The majority of children like to help mom or dad while they are working in the kitchen. Now you can keep them safe and secure instead of standing on a chair with the “Kid’s Kitchen Helper”

The helper stands 36” high so it is in line with most kitchen counter tops. The platform that they stand on is adjustable to three different positions so depending on the size of your little helper you can make it work.
The front rungs (stretchers) are used as a ladder so the children can climb on to the platform.

One of the best features about the Kid’s Kitchen Helper is its ability to collapse to a thickness of 8 9/16” for easy storage when not in use.

I designed the helper so it will fit up tight to the counter, even the flared feet which I added for stability will fit under the toe-kick on most kitchen cabinetry.

The project is very simple to build and consists of only eight different pieces. The mortise and tenon joinery makes the helper rock solid and will last for years. As far as materials just about anything will work. I would likely suggest a hardwood just for strength, however if you are concerned about weight or are trying to keep the costs down a softwood will work just fine.

Helping to keep your children safe ….. Happy woodworking!


Helper PDF Plan #116 …………… Only $5.95

Helper #116 PDF

Helper Sketchup File #S-116 ……… Only $6.95

Helper Sketchup File

Bundle both and save 30%

Helper Combo #PDSU-116 ………. Just $9.03

Helper Bundle

I hope you and your children enjoy your new Kid’s Kitchen Helper