014 Corner Cabinet: Two piece unit

Corner Cabinet

Corner CabinetThe corner cabinet stands approximately seven foot tall and fills a width of about thirty six inches across the diagonal. The cabinet is a great way to make use of a area that would otherwise sit empty. The unit is designed as two pieces to make it easier to move if required or you could just use the lower half if the situation arose.

If you change the top adjustable shelves to glass and install lighting in the upper cavity it is a great way to showcase your collection of just about anything. I have built this cabinet out of pine as well as oak and it looks great either way. The building cost is kept to a minimum by using sheet goods for the majority of the project and trimming out in your material of choice. As you proceed you may be challenged by the number of angles and corners that must be notched off, however in the end you will have a beautiful piece of furniture and fill a void in your room.

This is a fairly challenging build but with a little determination and planning you will do fine.

Happy Woodworking!

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