015 Vegetable Storage Bin: Handy Project

Vegetable Storage

A friend of mine required a vegetable storage bin. He likes to grow his own vegetables and wanted a place to store them in style. So we came up with a plan that works well and provides him with the ability to store two of his favorite vegetables.

We vegetable storageconstructed the bin using pine. Considering the use we didn’t want to invest very much in materials until we were sure it would do the job. The unit sits on it’s own or you could hang it on a wall out of the way. You do want to be able to clean it every once in a awhile.  

The top opens to a fairly large bin for his potatoes while down below a drawer tips out for a secondary product of your choice. The unit is ventilated to provide adequate air flow with a pegboard back and decorative cut-outs in the sides. He was very pleased with our final model as Iā€™m sure you will be too.

Enjoy the build, your family will appreciate the fresh vegetables. Have fun!

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