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020 Elegant Accent Table

If you are looking for a fine quality piece of furniture this is the accent table plan is for you. The table is usually found in an entrance way or a living room but will look great wherever you use it.

There are only six unique components to be constructed of a hardwood of your choice. Of course there are multiples of several of them. The joinery is mortise and tenon, some of them stepped to interlock with the opposing tenon.

Every piece within the table is curved, even the edge on the top is curved so the eye follows a smooth flowing transition from top to bottom.

There is an optional inlay shown in the top and the front faces of the legs and make from a contrasting wood species which just adds even more class to the table.

Due to the number of curves in this table I have provided templates for all of the required curves. The templates just have to be copied and enlarged until the scale matches 1:1 then you can create your set of working router guides directly from the photocopies.

This is a challenging skill building project but one that will be appreciated for years to come. The table makes a beautiful addition to any home.

Happy Woodworking! 

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