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This shop-made router lift has always been a popular project with visitors to the website. The construction is relatively easy and the benefits in the shop are huge. If you have ever checked the price of commercially made lift you will certainly appreciate this project

For anyone that always wanted a router lift, but just couldn’t justify the cost. This is (may) be the answer to you dilemma. The shop-made lift is constructed for the most part with plywood. The guide rails and v-blocks should be made using a dense hardwood like maple. The travel of the carrier is made possible with a threaded rod and a threaded insert. It can be driven with a wrench or to make it a little faster a socket and ratchet drive.Any play in the travel is taken up with the set screws that apply pressure on the hardwood v-blocks. The lower nut should be locked in place with silicone to stop it spinning. All of the finer details are laid out in the plan.

You do have to purchase a standard router plate which is available at any woodworking store like Rockler or Busy Bee in Canada.When your project is constructed it will fit the majority of barrel style routers on the market.

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