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040 Wall Hung Tool Chest

Tool Organizer

This wall hung tool organizer is one of the most useful projects I have ever built for the shop.

tool chest

You will be amazed for such a small footprint the amount of tools you can safely store in this cabinet. It like having a separate room for your tools.

In addition, being wall hung  using a french cleat system this tool chest doesn’t take up any valuable floor space. Because of the design the chest contains the majority of the hand tools and supplies you require on every project.

Everything within the cabinet is adjustable. Be sure to layout your tools first and calculate where you want to place your equipment and how much space you require for each piece.  Taking into account easy access and grouping of tools by usage.

As an added bonus your planes, chisels etc. are out of harm’s way and protected from your shop environment and as long as you put them back when you are done they are always easy to find. 🙂

You will be extremely glad you took the time to build this tool organizer.

So get to the shop and build one today!

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