Wall Unit #044

Wall Unit

Sectional Wall Unit

This massive wall unit looks intimidating at first glance. However as you proceed you will find it’s just six smaller pieces combined to make an excellent elegant project.

The individual components lock together with tenon and dado joinery giving the end user the appearance of one unit.

This project may be constructed using any material however the plans indicate cherry and cherry plywood. The extra depth of the center unit adds a very pleasing element and steps up your project to the next level. With storage below and open shelves above it will be a very handy piece of furniture.

All of the shelves are adjustable allowing you to place items of just about any size. Although not shown, the shelves could be glass with puck lights added in the top for a dramatic effect.

Be sure to review the material list carefully, so you can minimize the number of machine setups. There are numerous places that dadoes and mortises are the same in different sections of the wall unit. 

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