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045 First Workbench:

Your First Workbench

Every workshop requires a workbench of some sort. Providing an area that is relatively flat and will hold your work piece steady so it can be worked on.

first workbench

If you fairly new to the craft you will require a work area for both hand and machine work that is stable and flat. the question is how do you build a workbench without already having one. The answer is to setup a temporary bench using saw horses, plywood … whatever it takes.

This bench is inexpensive to build yet sturdy enough to handle any work you wish to perform.

The threaded rods which provide the stability for your new bench which means it won’t rack when you are applying heavy pressure during your milling operations and can be re-tightened if it does eventually loosen up..

Constructed using common 2×4 building materials, some MDF and plywood the workbench will serve you for many years to come. Your first workbench may be your last you have to build. To make the legs just laminate two pieces of 2x material together. Add a vice, add wooden faces to your vice drill some dog holes and you’re ready to go.

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