First Workbench #045

Your first workbench

Your First Workbench

Every workshop needs a good work area

If you fairly new to the craft you will require a work area for both hand and machine work that is stable and flat.

This bench is inexpensive to build yet sturdy enough to handle any work you wish to perform.

Because of the threaded rod structure the bench won’t rack when you are applying heavy pressure during your milling operations and can be re-tightened if it does eventually loosen up..

Constructed of common 2×4 materials, some MDF and plywood the workbench will serve you for many years. Your first workbench may be your last you have to build.

Workbench  # 045 PDF Plan $4.95

Workbench PDF

First bench Sketchup File #S-045  $5.95

Sketchup Drawing

Purchase both bench Files #PDSU-045

and >>>> SAVE 30% Just  $7.63

Workbench Bundle

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