075 Shop Made Track Saw w/ Riving Knife

Track Saw with Riving KnifeShop Made Track Saw w/ Riving Knife

Recently a friend of mine had a mishap with a circular saw this track saw will help to eliminate that problem. Kickback with a circular saw is in my opinion one of the most common injuries. I started out by designing a sub-base plate so I could install a splitter (Riving Knife) to help avoid this issue. I decided to widen the base plate so I could run it in a guide similar to the commercial (and expensive) saws in the market place. I always wanted one but couldn’t justify the cost. As an added bonus when you cut into the sub-base for the first time you create a zero clearance kerf which means less tear-out. The jig is wide enough to crosscut a 4 x 8 sheet however it could be any length you desire. I added a mortise and tenon to the ends so I could add an extension piece and cut the full length of the 4 x 8 sheet.

Saw PDF Plan #075 ……. Only $4.95

Track Saw PDF

Sketchup File Only … just $5.95

Track Saw Sketchup]

Bundled PDF & Sketchup Files ….. Save 30% Just $7.63

Track-Saw Bundle

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