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076 Portable Dovetail Spline Jig

Whenever I make a mitered box or frame I usually add simple splines to reinforce the miter joints. I was looking for something different and came up with a jig to cut dovetail slots on the corners.

This project is not really about the box (however it is a nice looking box) :). It’s really about the technique of creating dovetails that act as splines to strengthen the mitered corners.

I have included the plans for a simple box in case you do want to make it however the last few pages deal with the creation of the jig to cut the dovetail slots. It works very similar to a spline cutting jig except the jig is portable and you take your router to the jig instead of the other way around.

I hope you enjoy this project I believe this jig will see lots of use in my shop and I hope in yours as well. I would love to hear any comments you may have or better yet pictures of the masterpieces you create using your new dovetail spline jig. Happy woodworking!

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