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078 Router Bit Storage Cabinet

Router Bit Storage

This router bit storage cabinet was designed in an arts and crafts style with updated joinery.

Router Bit Cabinet

The carcass and shelves are locked together using linear (sliding) dovetails. The top and bottom case parts extend past the edges of the main box by ¾” on the sides and ¼” past the glass door.

I have shown the shelves as drilled however I did not place any measurements in the drawings. The bit hole spacing will be totally dependent on your bit collection, both shank size and the style of bits that you have or may have in the future.

The cabinet is designed to hang on your shop wall using a French cleat system that is recessed in the frame work. I used pegboard as a back panel as quite often you have extra bearings or small parts like hex keys and safety starter pins that you may want to hang so they are always handy and easy to locate when required.

Have fun!        Work Safely!

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