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085 Serving Tray: Give someone special treatment

Serving tray or bedside table for the poorly, which ever you prefer. Maybe even a breakfast in bed treat on a special day. Whatever the purpose it will come in quite handy.

The tray and stand are two separate pieces.  The stand gives you a place to land with your tray full of food or whatever you are carrying.

When not in use the tray hangs on the outer legs so it takes up less space. There are flexible bands across the upper stretchers that you adjust to the correct size to fit your tray when deployed to accept the serving tray.

The leg assembly are joined using ¼” dowels and pivot on a ¼” carriage bolt installed about 2/3 of the way down the legs. (See plan template for details)

The server tray is shown with box (finger) joints however if you desire you could easily use dovetails during construction. The tray slats nest into ¼” dado’s on all edges. I have shown the project using assorted colors for the materials this is just for clarity; mind you I think it looks pretty sweet.

Have fun!

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