Bat House Plan #088

Bat House

The Bat House:

Bats are a great natural control for pesky mosquitoes and this bat house will help to attract them to your backyard oasis. This weekend project will help you enjoy your backyard during the warm summer months. These little creatures consume several times their body weight in mosquitoes every night. I have shown their home in wood tones, however they really should be painted black (bats enjoy a very warm abode). Mount your mosquito catcher house on a sunny wall high up on a wall to keep them toasty while they rest during the day.

The critter house has dividers inside and will hold approximately 200 bats There is also a ventilation slot across the rear to allow some fresh air in. I have had two bat houses up and occupied for the last 10 summers and very seldom see a bat. If you provide a home for them it will stop them trying to find an access in to your attic and there by solving another common problem. Forget the store bought bug zappers build your own and lower the mosquito population in your backyard.

Enjoy natures bug zapper!

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