Shut-the-Box Game #095

Shut the Box Game

Great for the holidays!


01 Shut the Box Game A great way to have family fun during the holidays. Easy to build and even easier to play. The game can be played by one person or several so you can have competitions. Using the dice roll numbers to flip the levers up until you have completed 

This simple game is also great for building maths skills with younger children even though they don’t realize they’re learning. Really it’s great fun for anyone. Each game only takes two or three minutes to play so it will hold anyone’s interest, even those with a short attention span 🙂

The Play

Shut the Box can be played by any number of players although it is most enjoyable with two, three or four.  Some people even play the game solo as a pastime akin to patience.  As played traditionally in English pubs, Shut the Box is a gambling pastime with each of the players paying an agreed amount into the “pool” at the beginning and the winner collecting the pool at the end of each round.  However, it isn’t necessary to gamble in order to play the game.

A round of the game consists of each player taking one turn.  A player’s takes a turn by repeatedly throwing the dice until the player cannot continue.  Each throw of the dice is taken as follows:

If 7, 8 and 9 are all covered, the player decides whether to throw one die or two.   If any of these 3 numbers are still uncovered, the player must use both dice.  The player throws the die or dice into the box and adds up the pips.  The player must then cover up a set of unique uncovered numbers that add up to the sum thrown.  So for instance, if the total pips is 8, the player may choose one of the following sets of numbers as long as all of the numbers in the set are available to be covered:

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