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099 Double Size Folding Bed

Double Folding Bed

Updated April 2019

On the suggestion of a several fellow woodworkers, I have made a few modifications to the original double size Bed-in-a-Box.

The original double bed in a box plan was designed around the size of a California king size bed. Several users wanted to build a smaller version it was suggested a double bed would be useful.

Because the bed has to collapse and fit into the box when not in use I had to modify the side frames to accommodate the narrower width. The new design actually makes it very easy to build whatever size suits your needs by varying the length of the center joiner side frame and adjusting your slats accordingly.

The new plan is designed to fit a double (full or standard) mattress. (53 x 74 1/2). As I said previously it is more easily adapted to fit any size of mattress.

With the latest version I have eliminated four hinges and changed the ¼’ pivot dowel to a recessed ¼” hex bolt and nut for added strength.

In addition as of June I have added a detachable handle to make it easier to carry and a lock and pin set to secure the headboard in position when set up as a bed.

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Happy Woodworking! 

Enjoy a good nights sleep in your new Double Size Folding Bed. All other bed sizes are available, just click “ALL BEDS” from the main menu.
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