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156 Barrel Urn

The Barrel Urn

Barrel Urn w-Cork

The barrel urn is part of the unique cremation urn project series.

This project came about because a gentleman that passed away recently had always wanted to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. As per his wishes the family requested this design after his passing. Whether they followed through with this journey is unknown.

The size of urns are based on the body weight of the individual. You require one (1) cubic inch of space for each pound of body weight.  To calculate the volume of a barrel you use the following formula. V = πr2h (In this case the volume would hold 211 lbs.) To simulate the steel bands that normally surround the barrel I used narrow leather strips that I picked up at Michaels.

This was built for a special circumstance however the barrel itself is a challenge to make and would be a great conversation piece on a bar or storing your favorite treat. You could make the top removable and possibly use a cork as the handle.

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