Classic Bookcase

This classic bookcase is a great project for any home. The plan is designed using solid wood however you could easily use a veneer plywood that you have edge banded.  

Additionally you will learn some very useful woodworking techniques if you are new to woodworking. Depending on what you are going to put in your new piece of furniture you can add additional shelves. Because of the inset mounting system used in the project the shelves are totally adjustable from top to bottom.

There are several components in this build that are optional. The upper mid molding is purely decorative but it certainly does add a very nice touch. As shown in the picture the upper stretcher is made with a highly figured piece of wood again this is totally optional and comes down to the style you are looking for. In addition the curved feet at a nice touch but not really required.

We all know that wood moves and we must always keep that in mind when building any project. The top is attached with elongated pocket holes to allow for seasonal movement. The back is made using solid wood slats that overlap each other for the same reason. If you want to avoid the movement problem on the back you could use plywood. It just depends how authentic you want to be.

No matter which way you decide to construct the bookcase it will be a fun project that will look great and you may just hone your skills along the way. Enjoy!

Happy Woodworking! 

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