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173 Viking Bed (Queen)

Revised & Updated September 2019

James, who is a member of a Viking re-enactment group has requested a Viking bed (Queen) plan.

During my research for Viking beds I found that the beds are a very basic construction. These beds are built so they can be taken apart. I’m assuming they had to be transportable as the group move from camp to camp.

I couldn’t find many examples that had headboards. However we have added an optional one so your pillow doesn’t keep falling off the bed.

The bed is constructed using construction grade materials. This bring the building costs down and fir or spruce would provide extra strength in the through tenons. I would recommend hardwood for the locking slats for supporting additional loads. Also the locking pegs should be made from hardwood. That will help stand up to being tapped into place.

Have Fun. Happy Woodworking!

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