185 Updated Tapering Jigs

36″ Jig Shown

There is always a better way 🙂 The design of these tapering jigs allow for more flexibility and ease of use. The plan now includes details for both a 30″ and a 36″ version.

  1. Follow the plans to build this jig for about $15.00 in hardware and a couple of pieces of good quality plywood (i.e. Baltic Birch)
  2. Assemble the components
  3. Cut tapers to your hearts content

I saw an ad for a similar taper_trim jig for $100.00. Looking at the picture I figured I could make this for about $15.00 in hardware and a few pieces of scrap from the shop.

The design is simple and very easy to use. Just mark the taper on your workpiece, mount the leg or whatever has to be tapered and safely cut your taper.

This tapering/ trim jig was designed for use with my cabinet style table saw. If you are using a contractor or job site style of saw your dimensions may vary slightly. The main differences will be in the miter slot width and depth and the distance from the miter slot to the TS blade. You will have to make a miter slot runner that fits your saw and adjust the placement of the runner in relation to the blade.


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