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Insect pollinators contribute $29 billion to U.S. farm income

Bee Condo

Bees and other insects that pollinate plants in the United States have suffered in recent decades from mites, pesticides, pathogens, land development and habitat fragmentation. Nevertheless, production of insect-pollinated crops has mostly increased this century. Now, new research shows that insect pollinators’ value to farmers may be hard to replace.

Bees are amazing and so beneficial, unfortunately they are decreasing in numbers. They are so important to our agricultural system, everyone should help them multiply and survive. Build some sort of house today. Your gardens will thank you.

This bee condo plan is a very elaborate and there is no need to go to this extreme. There are all kinds of structures that are simpler to construct, just search the web and you will find all kinds of ideas.

Bees are critical to food security

Two-thirds of the food crops humans eat everyday require bees and other pollinators to successfully produce a crop. However the health and productivity of honeybees, bumble bees, and other pollinators are in great peril, and populations are dwindling worldwide.

The “Let It Bee” campaign calls for dramatic changes in commercial landscaping and domestic gardening to create safe habitat to protect the diversity of wild bees. It also calls on citizen scientists to help bumble bees. Although honey bee losses have been linked to multiple factors, a strong and growing body of scientific evidence has shown that the use of neonicotinoid pesticides are a major contributing factor to bee decline.

No matter what shape or style of breeding station you build it will help with our declining bee population.

Maintenance and building ideas to attract a variety of bees is also available at the following resources

The Panda Organization is just an example. Google saving bees.

If you decide to build this one, great; have fun. The important thing is to build a new bee abode.

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