Free Cam Clamp Plan

Cam Clamp

Shop Made Cam Clamp

Put the squeeze on high priced clamps with these free cam clamp plans. …. Just make your own

You can construct as many clamps as you require in varying lengths and at huge cost savings.

I saw a picture and description of these clamps on Instructable’s that were designed by Mike from Wood Shop Mike. I just redrew them in Sketchup and provided dimensions them in Metric and British units. If you would prefer there are plans and construction details on Mike’s website as well. Just follow this LINK.

I was so impressed with the design I wanted to share it with my fellow woodworkers.

Have Fun!

Click to Download Cam Clamp Plan

Pipe Clamp Storage Solution (Free)

Pipe Clamp Rack

This pipe clamp storage solution is likely the easiest project to build on the site and yet one of the most useful. The plan is completely adjustable to suit your needs.

The rack holds your pipe clamps securely and yet allows easy access. Clamps are always a problem in my shop. It is a catch 22 you need the clamps and lots of them but they take up so much valuable wall space.

The pipe clamp rack certainly doesn’t solve the problem but it does help

Download HERE