170 Basic Wall Hung Cabinet

This basic wall hung cabinet is an easy to build storage cabinet. The cabinet could be very handy in the shop or the laundry room. Basically wherever you want to store items you need but would rather have then out of site. 

Orthographic View

The construction is very simple and the joinery is very basic. The sides are mirror images of each other. The only difference being the right side has hinge mortises and the left side has a place for magnets. The magnets are just a simple way to keep the door closed.

The top and bottom are also identical. They are secured to the case side with screws. The screws are in counter-bored holes that can be filled with plugs to hide the screw heads.

The drawer is shown with machine cut half blind dovetails. It could certainly build with less complicated joinery and provide the same functionality. For example you could use a locking rabbet and tenons to join the sides or even pocket holes. Be sure to adjust your measurements to suit your joinery style so the drawer fits properly.

The door is designed with mortise and tenon joinery but again it could be build using dowels or pocket screws to keep it easier to build. The options are numerous and totally dependent on your woodworking comfort level.

If you’re looking for a larger wall cabinet for tools check out plan #40. No matter how you construct this basic wall hung cabinet it will provide a nice storage solution for your needs. The wall cabinet hangs on a “French Cleat” system. Happy Woodworking!

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