Mini BEE Incubator

Mini-Bee Incubator: Free Plan

This version of the Mini-BEE Incubator series is a smaller version of the Luxury Bee Condo. Based on the condo plan it has all of the parts reduced in size to make it easier & less expensive to build. The cost of this Mini-BEE Incubator plan is FREE. Bees are critical to our food security

Two-thirds of the food crops humans eat everyday require bees and other pollinators to successfully produce a crop. However- the health and productivity of honeybees, bumble bees, and other pollinators are in great peril, and populations are dwindling worldwide.

Mini-Bee Building Download for FREE.

The most important thing is to build at least one and help the declining bee population. Bees play a huge part in natures pollination process. So you are not only helping the environment you are going to benefit with a more fruitful garden. If you don’t want to be bothered making the hibernation tubes may be purchase at most hardware and specialty stores. The other alternative is to go to “The BEE Cause” and make a personal donation.





092 Utility Bench

Useful Utility Bench

This utility bench plan came about as a result of a weekend away at a friend’s cottage.

Utility Bench

While everyone else was still sleeping I was up and looking for something to do. I found this little bench out on the porch and thought it would make a useful addition to anyone’s home so I took some measurements and drew up a rough sketch of the bench.

Everyone can use a handy little bench like this. It doubles as a chair, sometimes a ladder, a quick sawhorse or even a bench 🙂 There is a handy hand hold cut in the bench top to make it easy to carry wherever it is required. 

The utility bench is a very simple design, that consists of five parts and two of those are duplicates. The project can easily be completed in a weekend. I think it will be real handy as a bench, a place to sit and put your shoes on, or even a step for those of use that are vertically challenged.

Have fun!

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