107 Knock-Down Chest

Knock-Down Chest

Revised & Updated Oct. 2019

Designed with mobility in mind this chest will come apart for easy transport. It is built similar to assembling a log home or if you remember way back to building with Knex or even Lego (That’s a stretch :). Each piece interlocks with the preceding board.

It was designed to hold a modern cooler within the chest so it is out of site. There is also room for dry goods storage both in the chest and on a sliding shelf or whatever you want to stay out of site.


You can easily modify the plan to suit your needs, longer, shorter whatever meets your requirements. 

The curved top will shed inclement weather and keep your valuables dry and out of the elements. Being curved also stops it from becoming a chair or a landing spot for everything else. That way you can access the contents without having to move a pile of stuff <grin>

The plans call for pine as the main building material to keep the cost and weight down however any material will suffice.

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Happy Camping ….. Enjoy your new Knock-Down Chest