120 ROS Sanding Disc Organizer

Sanding Disc Organizer

Recently while working on a project I was sorting through my sanding discs and realized there had to be a better way to organize my discs to save time and better control of available grits.

I wanted a holder that attached to the wall to save valuable drawer space, keep them sorted by grit and also I could tell at a glance if I was getting low on a particular grid.

The result is this swiveling stand that hangs on the wall where each holder swings out of the way of the shelf above it making for easy access. The holders of the sanding disc organizer swing 70 degrees to the right or left of center.

This particular sanding disc holder was designed for 5” sanding pads with an eight-hole pattern but it can easily be modified to suit whatever discs you use in your shop.

To simplify the construction I have included a cutting template for the curved sanding disc holders. If you use a six inch random orbital sander or one that uses a 5-hole disc, your dowel post drilling pattern will have to vary to match your sanding discs.

A fun weekend project that will definitely get a lot of use in my shop.

Happy Woodworking!

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Now get to the shop and organize those Sanding Discs!





Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy

 Bandsaw Boxes are fun & simple

Download the Free PowerPoint presentation below …..

Bandsaw Box
Bandsaw Box

This was a instructional PowerPoint I made awhile back for the Instructable’s Website. It takes you step by step through the process to make bandsaw boxes. If you have never made them before you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by finished product and the amount of time it takes to complete. Use just about any type of material and you will have beautiful gifts for your family and friends.

Download –> Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy 

Warning: Bandsaw Boxes can become quite addictive 🙂




John K’s Billiard Chair

 John sent me these pictures of the billiard chair he built using plan #059 as a starting point. John made a few changes that  he felt worked better with this piece and suited his particular needs better. I don’t think I have ever build a project from a plan that  I haven’t modified (sometimes unintentional) but usually because I thought it would work better my way.


Here’s what John had to say about the build!  

“Bruce, attached is a picture of one of the three chairs I constructed.  I used your overall plan  measurements and mortising/tendon dimensions 100% and they worked out perfectly.  The following are changes that I made and some additional comments about the overall  chair”

billiard chair

After sitting in the finished chair I noticed that the arm rests need to be about 3” higher. The back rest needs to be about 4-6” higher for the chair to be really comfortable; however, it is great for its intended purpose.

  1. The arm rest dimensions from your drawing looked out of proportion to the  rest of the chair.  I slimmed them down and then tapered.  I cut the front at 45 degrees and did not go around the back of the rear leg but made them flush with the back.
  2. I made larger spindles and only three; easier for me.
  3. I did not us the faux tendons, too much time; however, yours did look really good.
  4. I kept the rear legs full size which was easier for me to construct.
  5. I redesigned the armrest and foot rest supports; again, easier for me.
  6. I made the foot rest supports larger and attached them to the stretcher for additional support.
  7. I made the side seat supports with 3/4” stock.  I did not see the need for 1/2” stock.

Great project.  Everyone that sees them thinks they are wonderful.  Thanks, John.

John the chairs look great, thank so much for sending the feedback.



049 Plinko Candy Dispenser (FREE)

This  Plinko candy dispenser was created by Steve Ramsay from Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Plinko Candy Dispenser

Plinko candy dispenser

I just re-drew his plan candy dispenser plan because I thought it would be fun to draw. What a great project for a grandparent or parent that is looking for a unique gift. You could adjust it so that it holds ping pong balls or something similar if you do want to add to their sugar intake. Either way have fun with this project. It might make a great project to build with your kids as well.

I know everyone in the family will enjoy this unique project and what a great conversation piece.

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101 Flip-Top Workstation

Space Saving Mobile Workstation

Everyone is trying to conserve space in their shop no matter what the size. This space saving Flip-Top workstation will cut down you bench-top machine footprint considerably plus keep your machines easily accessible. The cart is easy to use and inexpensive to build. A great addition for any shop!

Base Exploded

I saw a similar cart in an on-line article and felt their design wasn’t strong enough to support your valuable shop equipment the way it should be. The Flip-Top workstation is constructed using construction grade materials both for strength and to keep the cost reasonable. I have designed the bracing so it would provide lass racking and the top is a torsion box design so it will stay flat. The top of the Flip-Top cart pivots on ½” bolts and is secured in place with simple sliding latches. The legs are also bolted and screwed for extra strength. I also doubled up the top layers so you have lots of material to anchor your equipment.

If you keep the weight close to equal on both sides of the top it will act as a counterbalance when you are rotating the top to switch machines.  

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