A Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock Holder

I realize that making and using a scratch stock to shape a special profile is not new, as a matter of fact it’s been around a lot longer than I have (and that’s quite a while) but this week was the first time I have had the need for such a tool.

Profile Maker

I’m currently repairing and refurbishing an old six foot dinning table that collapses in on itself to become a 20″ wide side table. The mechanism under the table is a series of short sliding dovetailed rails that fold in on each other allowing you to expand and contract the table. I was very impressed that someone came up with this idea more than 80 years ago.

Table Mechanism

The table was missing all of the leaves for the extension, which is no problem. However I could not match the profile on the top edge with any of the router bits and molding heads that I have. so I made a profile on a piece of old card stock and then designed a holder for the blade.

If you have any need for this specialty tool you can download the FREE PDF file here Scratch Stock  🙂

There will be a plan available for this cleverly designed dining table in the very near future


080 Utilitarian Tool-Chest

Do you ever wish you had your shop tools more organized? This simple tool chest might be the answer.

The tool well on top will hold tools up to 5” high and then there are two drawers at 3” high and the lowest drawer is 3 ½” high. You will be amazed at how much you can store in a single location. The drawers are all 10 ½” deep

This sturdy well designed tool-chest will help put an end to shop clutter. Constructed out of Baltic Birch plywood or an inexpensive hardwood it will provide a home for your regularly used tools. Whether your new tool chest lives on its own roll around cart or on the end of your workbench everything will be within reach when you need it.

The drawer pulls and the carrying handles can be shop made or purchased whatever suits your taste.

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069 Horizontal Router V2

Horizontal Router Table V2

Looking for a simple, easy to build, and even easier to operate horizontal router table?

This version of the horizontal router table is very simple to construct using leftover materials in your shop. Cut two panels of Baltic birch plywood 16 x 16, a tabletop and a box for dust collection perform a little machining and you’re ready to start making your own mouldings, baseboards or anything that’s easier to mill on its flat. Keep in mind when using a horizontal router table the direction of feed is right to left unlike a conventional router table. 

I would highly recommend you use feather boards and a bit guard when using any router mounted in a table. The feather boards will provide you with consistent cutting and the bit guard will remind you of a dangerous bit spinning at 1000’s of revolutions per minute. Having the T-track installed on the panel and the table make it easy to install any accessories that you will require and should use.

Simply clamp the table assembly in your vise set your height by moving the adjustable panel and you’re ready to rout.

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040 Wall Hung Tool Chest

Tool Organizer

This wall hung tool organizer is one of the most useful projects I have ever built for the shop.

tool chest

You will be amazed for such a small footprint the amount of tools you can safely store in this cabinet. It like having a separate room for your tools.

In addition, being wall hung  using a french cleat system this tool chest doesn’t take up any valuable floor space. Because of the design the chest contains the majority of the hand tools and supplies you require on every project.

Everything within the cabinet is adjustable. Be sure to layout your tools first and calculate where you want to place your equipment and how much space you require for each piece.  Taking into account easy access and grouping of tools by usage.

As an added bonus your planes, chisels etc. are out of harm’s way and protected from your shop environment and as long as you put them back when you are done they are always easy to find. 🙂

You will be extremely glad you took the time to build this tool organizer.

So get to the shop and build one today!

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