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A Plan is Just a Starting Point

Modified TV Cabinet Plan:

A plan is just a starting point

Tony B., one of our woodworking com-padres sent me this picture of the television cabinet he built from plan #029. As I’ve always believed a plan is just a starting point when it comes to woodworking. Everyone has their own ideas and needs of what the cabinet should look like when it’s completed. Tony modified the Sketchup file to suit his purpose and headed to the shop. Here’s Tony’s story.

Hi Bruce, thought I would drop a line with an update on this project.  You said whenever so here it is.  🙂  I really should start out by THANKING YOU for getting me started on this.  I believe I might have been an early Sketchup download customer; as I recall at the time you were only offering the PDFs.  Well I can tell you that the Sketchup was immensely valuable to me and as you can see below I modified your design just a little to suit my own needs.  That would have been quite a lot more difficult without the Sketchup starting point.  In any case you will see many of your design elements here – the open bottom, the slight curves in the bottom rail and over the openings, the bead-board T & G slats in the sides and doors.

 So THANKS you really helped me a lot and inspired me with your fantastic work. 

 And a photo of what it ended up being, pretty darn close: (of course there’s always something not quite “done done” yet – in this case it’s the two drawers).  As I mentioned in my mail from more than a year ago, most of the construction is poplar.  The face frame is mortise-and-tenon and there’s an interior birch plywood box with the main shelf dividing the upper (drawers and sound bar enclosure) and lower (doors and openings) sections.  The face frame is biscuit joined to the internal plywood box.  The interior shelves are maple plywood with maple edging and the top is solid maple.  All of the maple is finished with General Finishes High Performance water-base urethane (great) and the body is painted with Benjamin Moore Aura low VOC paint (also very good).  Hardware is Classic Brass from Woodcraft in the antique bronze finish, the hinges are the no-mortise type and I was very pleased with them. 

A project like this is always good for a few new tools.  I used a biscuit joiner for the first time, borrowed from a buddy of mine.  And
I bought a Veritas large shoulder plane for working the tenons (see review in FWW from maybe this time last year) and right at the end of the project finally took the plunge and bought myself a SawStop cabinet saw.  Ha ha who says making your own furniture saves you money??? 

Thanks again, best regards, happy holidays and all the best. Keep up the great work with!

Tony B

Shelburne, VT

Looks fantastic Tony!


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