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The majority of the plans on 3dwoodworkingplans.com are designed for woodworkers that are familiar with the basics in woodworking. The plans provide you with all of the required information and details to build the project, however like some plans that are available, they do not give you step by step instruction. Which pieces need to be made first and the order of operation are not laid out for you. You need a basic understanding of furniture construction.

Although the plans are checked for accuracy, stuff happens and sometimes a measurement may get overlooked. I would appreciate if anyone finds an error or something doesn’t work out, please notify immediately and I will correct the problem as quickly as possible.

There are free downloads for plans that I found very useful in my own shop and I just want to share.

Thank you for visiting and considering to purchase plans from 3D Woodworking Plans.

Happy Woodworking!


aka Wood Chuck


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    1. Robert
      You should have received and email from the Digital Goods Store with the download link enclosed. It may have gone to your spam (junk) mail folder. Please check there and let me know if you still have an issue.

    1. Hi Raequel thanks for asking about the original bed in a box design it is a rather unique story. That gentlemen’s name was Robert MacPherson. He was the original designer for the King size Bed in a Box. When the article was published in Fine Woodworking I contact Mr. MacPherson to see if he had plans available for the bed. He didn’t have any plans and didn’t have any desire to design them, he had just created the bed on a trial and error bases, he had a few sketches but nothing formal. He send me a few different photos that he had taken during his build to help me get started. It was with his written permission that I created a set of plans for a similar style of bed that is available today. The other versions, the queen, double, twin and single beds were created at the request of others who didn’t want a king size bed. The idea of knock-down furniture seemed popular so I polled people who had purchased the original plan and came up with a few items that members of re-enactment groups wanted. These are all listed under Medieval plans. I hope this clears up any confusion.
      Bruce (Wood Chuck)

  1. Hi,
    I just bought Bundled King Bed-in-a-Box PDF & Sketchup Files #PDSU098 and paid for both files. I downloaded them but I can’t open the Bed_in_a_Box.skp. Could you help me.