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The majority of the plans on 3dwoodworkingplans.com are designed for woodworkers that are familiar with the basics in woodworking. The plans provide you with all of the required information and details to build the project, however like some plans that are available, they do not give you step by step instruction. Which pieces need to be made first and the order of operation are not laid out for you. You need a basic understanding of furniture construction.

Although the plans are checked for accuracy, stuff happens and sometimes a measurement may get overlooked. I would appreciate if anyone finds an error or something doesn’t work out, please notify immediately and I will correct the problem as quickly as possible.

There are free downloads for plans that I found very useful in my own shop and I just want to share.

Thank you for visiting and considering to purchase plans from 3D Woodworking Plans.

Happy Woodworking!


aka Wood Chuck


2 thoughts on “About 3DWoodworkingPlans.com”

  1. Mark
    You should have received an email and a purchase receipt both of which have a download link. Just right click the link and the select “save link as” to download the file.

  2. Hello , My name is Mark and I am a first time user.
    I have purchased the plans for the fishing rod holder which I have made before however lost the plans in house moving many many times.
    Can I ask how will I receive these plans ?
    Email or Hard Copy through the mail ?
    My receipt number is below.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards
    Mark Adams

    Receipt No: 2422-7064-9317-9038

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