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151 Bathroom Accessories

These two bathroom accessories started out as a simple drawing. I have been drawing so many beds and large pieces of furniture lately I was looking for a nice simple project that I could complete in a couple of evenings. Then as I got into it I thought this could be a very nice accent project or gift so it became more elaborate as I continued to work on the design.

TP Holder Exploded

The tissue box cover was designed around a box of Kleenex (Brand name) I had in the shop and the toilet roll holder just seemed like a nice complimentary piece.

Both pieces are thin walled with accent wood for highlights and mitered corners with 1/8” splines for strength and appearance.

Be sure to check the measurements for the products that you normally purchase for your household and adjust the sizes accordingly.

Tissue Box Cover

This little project is on my to-do list as soon as I get the entertainment center completed that I’m working on.

Happy Woodworking

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