Rustic Bedside Table #121

 Bedside Table ProjectRustic Bedside Table

I recently had a request to build two bedside tables using barn board as the major material. The customer even supplied the wood which was great as I had no idea where I was going to get the material. I had never used this medium as a built material so it was going to be a new adventure.

My first issue was all of the nails still embedded in the wood that I could see and of course the ones I couldn’t see. I don’t know about you but I really hate nicking a blade in any of my machines. In addition the boards had obviously been stored somewhere for a very long time and were covered in “stuff”.

I started by gently pressure washing the barn board, removed all of the foreign objects I could find then sanding until I had usable material.

The design was to be very basic and rustic so the following is what I came up with for the bedside tables. It doesn’t matter what material you are using it still has to end up structurally sound and stay together to be of any value. If you find the top of the table too rough you could always place a piece of glass on the table top.

I designed it to be built with mortise and tenon joinery anywhere I could and a simple pinned butt joint for the drawer front.

If you decide to give this a try have fun, that’s what woodworking should be all about!

Happy Woodworking!


Bedside Table PDF #121……………    Only $4.95

Rustic PDF

Bedside Table Sketchup File #s-121   …. $5.95

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Bundle both files and save 30% #PDSU-121 ……. $ 7.63

Rustic Bundle

Enjoy your new Bedside Table

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