Bent Lamination Table 074

Bent Lamination Table

Bent Lamination Table (Plan #074)

Looking for a unique, challenging project you might just be in the right place!

With the exception of the top and horizontal stretcher all parts of this table project are made up from ¼” strips of your desired wood.

Using a two part bending form and a lot of clamps the legs are formed into semi circles and join to the top using loose tenons. (Bending Form plans are included)

The center support uses a second bending form and is secured to the stretchers with contrasting dowel pins. The stretchers attach to the curved legs with traditional mortise and tenon joinery which are also pinned with the contrasting dowels.

The table top frame is standard mortise and tenon joinery and a ½” rabbet on the inner edges to support the glass top. I wanted to use a glass top to show off your hard work and the practicality of having a usable, easy to maintain top. Pay close attention to the laminated legs, they need to have a small flat area where they join together in the middle and end up parallel to the top and the floor. I would make them over-sized on your form and trim to the final size prior to assembly.

Have fun and don’t forget to send me pictures of your project so I can show them off to the rest of the visitors to the site. Always work safely!

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Laminate PDF

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Sketchup File

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Laminated Bundle

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