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059 Billiard Chair or Spectator’s Chair

The Billiard Chair

Revised & Updated September 2019

This billiard chair is one of the most used projects that I have built. I saw a picture of a similar chair in a Canadian Woodworking magazine several years ago and thought how useful that would be. So the plan was created with permission of the author.

You sit at about 3 feet high so you can watch the table, relax and enjoy your favorite beverage while you are playing or watching the game in progress. You will likely need more than one as they are a very popular perch.

The upholstered seat and backrest make a nice comfortable addition to the project. I also scroll sawed the families surname initial in the upper back rest just to personalize the project.

This chair was constructed using red oak but I’m sure any hardwood would work just fine. Not shown in the plan but worth the extra time would be to round over all exposed edges for comfort and appearance. The through tenons all have a 45 degree chamfer to give them a finished look. The upper front and rear rails are secured with screws through the side tenons and faux tenons are used to plug the mortises.

After you complete this project for yourself, don’t be surprised if you get requests from your friends that have a pool table.

Enjoy! Always Work Safely

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