Bridal Bench

Our friend Kevin from Texas is back with another project that he made with love for his niece.image5

Here’s Kevin’s storey

Thought this one might interest you, I have a niece getting married next month, she is marring a fireman and requested that I make a bench for her wedding, she found one on the Internet and it was pretty simple, the idea was for it to be at the reception and everybody sign the bench instead of a guest book.

I am also supposed to build an arch and I am still racking my brain on an arch. Later on when they have a backyard to set up the arch with the bench under it, well I don’t like simple it seems and the bench just took off on me, it is not what she ask for but the picture she showed me just looked cheap to me, I am not a real talented woodworker but that thing she showed me a little kid could have built.

I lucked out and we have a store here that sells imported Mexican furniture and it is awful and ugly, but they sell lots of stuff like hinges and knobs as well, real unique things in that store, I found the medallion in there, it is cast iron and looked like it had been at the bottom of the lake for a year as it was pretty rusted and just nasty looking, but a couple of hours of cleaning and painting it turned out pretty nice.

I build a template, a little router work and I had it fitting like a glove, used some gold leaf for the date, to keeping a fire theme going.

I don’t know how they are going to feel about this bench but they will see it on the day of their reception. I hope they like it because I really put a lot of time and effort in this project


 “I’m sure they will love the bench and the effort you put into it” Thanks for sharing it with our community.” Bruce

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