General Projects

Any project that isn’t a jig or shop fixture

Coffee Table: Plan 133

  This coffee table consists of gentle flowing curves with a unique top. Joinery is mitered tenons and the top is held down with shop-made hold-down clips. Fun project that will be useful in anyone’s home. Happy Woodworking!

Utility Cabinet: Plan #031

  Utility Cabinet: This small utility cabinet was designed to hold a countertop oven. Built using a combination of veneer core plywood and two types of hardwood. In addition the 3 cupboards underneath provide extra storage that everyone appreciates. It becomes a very stable base for whatever you need to place on top.

Nesting Tables – Plan #019

A perfect addition to any home. This set of finely crafted nesting tables are simple yet elegant. Designed to easily store in a relatively small footprint yet always available when required. Give them a try today! Happy Woodworking    

Contemporary Table-Bench #002

This outdoor table/ bench is designed for outdoor use. Cedar would be an excellent choice for any outdoor project. This is a very simple build with only five unique parts multiplied over and over. Have Fun…. happy woodworking    

001 Simple Folding Side Table

Simple Folding Side Table   A simple folding table that could be build in a weekend. Whether you use it indoors or out this small 15” x15″ table will be a handy addition to your household.       Save Save Save

Entryway Bench #153

There is a restaurant nearby that I frequent. I saw a bench similar to this in their entryway. I took a couple of pictures, came home and started to create my version of the entryway bench. There are several variables with any build. You could certainly simplify the legs, just make a gentle curve or leave them rectangular. I also added an optional drawer that hangs below the bench for storage. Templates are provided to make laying out the curves easier. The rungs (dowels) in… Read More »Entryway Bench #153

Lego Table (Build & Store) #196

This lego table was designed for my grand kids, Cole and Jace. They needed a place to not only build their lego but store the pieces that weren’t being used at the time. Hopefully it will keep most of the mess off the floor. We’ll see 🙂 It is a very simple design that anyone could build with a minimum of tools and woodworking experience. My son wants to come to the shop so we can build it together which would be a win win… Read More »Lego Table (Build & Store) #196

Arts & Crafts Style Bookcase #197

This tapered bookcase is created in an arts and craft style. The general design is taken from the original by Gustav Stickley. Stickley born in 1858 was an American furniture manufacturer, design leader, publisher and the chief proselytizer for the American Craftsman style, an extension of the British Arts and Crafts movement. If you would like to be authentic you could use quarter sawn white oak and fume the wood with ammonia. Or just use whatever you would like 🙂 The project itself only consists… Read More »Arts & Crafts Style Bookcase #197

193 Cell Phone Amplifiers (No Power Required)

Cell Phone Amps Plan #193 No power required! These basic designs will work to amplify the sound from your favourite mobile phone. Choose from one of these four examples or modify to your favourite style. I have not included a material list with this project as they will likely be made with leftovers from other projects. 4 Plans in 1 ….Have fun!   Happy Woodworking