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104 Folding (TV or Travel) Table: For People on the Go

Folding TV Table I’m not sure how authentic this folding table is as far as being a period piece of furniture. However, the craftsman of that era: were certainly skilled enough to make something similar. The designed on the same premise as the folding stool just simpler. Kind of like the old TV tables that used to be around the same ones I ate many meals on growing up. When set up measures approximately 30” x 36” and yet folds down to 4” thick when transporting… Read More »104 Folding (TV or Travel) Table: For People on the Go

Convertible Table-Bench

118 Convertible Table or Bench

Convertible Picnic Table or Bench   This convertible bench – table is great when you are limited for space on a small deck or a campsite easily convert your bench into a picnic table or table into a bench whatever you need at the time. Made entirely from construction lumber or if you want to dress it up you may want to use cedar. The overall construction of this project is quite basic but accuracy it very important. There has to be clearance while converting from… Read More »118 Convertible Table or Bench


107 Knock-Down Chest

  Knock-Down Chest Revised & Updated Oct. 2019 Designed with mobility in mind this chest will come apart for easy transport. It is built similar to assembling a log home or if you remember way back to building with Knex or even Lego (That’s a stretch :). Each piece interlocks with the preceding board. It was designed to hold a modern cooler within the chest so it is out of site. There is also room for dry goods storage both in the chest and on… Read More »107 Knock-Down Chest

105 Compact Single Folding Bed

Collapsible Single Bed Updated October 2019  Everyone loves a challenge. One of the SCA (Society of Creative Artist’s members challenged me to come up with a single bed that would dismantle small enough to fit in a compact vehicle. This is the result. The compact bed when assembled measures the same as the single bed, capable of fitting a mattress 30” x 77”. With the new design changes the bed will dismantle to a footprint of just 7 ½” high x 24 ½” wide x… Read More »105 Compact Single Folding Bed

KD Queen

115 Knock Down Queen Bed: Easy disassembly

Knock Down Queen Size Bed Updated & Revised October 2019 As an alternative to all of the Bed-In-A-Box plans I thought I would draw up a plan that is not as complex and is less expensive to build than the fold up versions. This knock down queen size bed can be built using standard home center materials, namely 2 x 4’s and 5/4 decking boards. This bed will disassemble into 4 main pieces plus the slat boards. The construction lumber should be flattened and smoothed… Read More »115 Knock Down Queen Bed: Easy disassembly

119 Throne: Fit for a Lord or Lady

Updated THRONE Fit for a Lord or Lady I was searching for ideas that I thought might be useful to re-creators of times gone by when I came across a picture of a throne similar to this. I still wanted the throne to be transportable so I added the through tenons with the locking pins which should do the trick. The chair breaks down into 4 sub-assemblies so moving it from camp to camp shouldn’t be an issue. Woodworkers for centuries have depended on the… Read More »119 Throne: Fit for a Lord or Lady

102 Single Folding Bed

Single Folding Bed Revised and Updated September 2019  At the request of several members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) organization I have designed a smaller (30” x 77”) version of the single bed in a box. The bed is designed to look like its big brothers plan #098 & #099 yet be made for a single user. A lot of the construction details are the same, especially the corner legs, however how the bed folds and converts into a bench are completely different.… Read More »102 Single Folding Bed

Double Folding Bed V2 #148

Double Size Folding Bed At the request of several woodworkers I have completely re-vamped the double size bed in a box. If would prefer the original double sized Bed in a Box you can find it HERE A standard double (full) size mattress measures  53″ x 74 1/2″ (134.5 x 189 cm) The lid (top) and locking handles store away inside when in bed mode and then drops into place when in box mode. As with the original version the box halves are locked together with a… Read More »Double Folding Bed V2 #148

099 Double Size Folding Bed

Double Folding Bed Updated April 2019 Looking for the Alternate Version of the DOUBLE FOLDING BED it’s HERE …. Plan # 148 On the suggestion of a several fellow woodworkers, I have made a few modifications to the original double size Bed-in-a-Box. The original double bed in a box plan was designed around the size of a California king size bed. Several users wanted to build a smaller version it was suggested a double bed would be useful. Because the bed has to collapse and fit… Read More »099 Double Size Folding Bed