Shop-made Jigs

Useful jigs for safety and performance

182 Router Table Box Joint Jig

Jig shown on table from plan 167   This router box joint jig is …. designed to work in a standard router table. The pre-set insert plates make consistent 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” box joints. You simply insert the appropriate router bit and offset template for the size of box joint required. I would suggest having three sacrificial fences to avoid tear-out. The jig locks in the miter track of your router table with a simple tapered head machine bolt in an expandable miter slot guide.… Read More »182 Router Table Box Joint Jig

185 Updated Tapering Jig (2 Plans In 1)

There is always a better way 🙂 The design of these tapering jigs allow for more flexibility and ease of use. The plan now includes details for both a 30″ and a 36″ version. Follow the plans to build this jig for about $15.00 in hardware and a couple of pieces of good quality plywood (i.e. Baltic Birch) Assemble the components Cut tapers to your hearts content I saw an ad for a similar taper_trim jig for $100.00. Looking at the picture I figured I… Read More »185 Updated Tapering Jig (2 Plans In 1)

pocket hole jig

097 Pocket Hole Jig PDF Plan

Shop-made Pocket Hole Jig Avoid the high cost of commercially made a pocket hole jig when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. As convenient as these jigs can be some people just can’t justify spending over a hundred or even two hundred dollars for the Cadillac version. I found a simple way to turn the Kreg KJHD jig into a versatile bench-top unit for a fraction of the cost. Any other pocket-hole jig could easily be adapted to work as… Read More »097 Pocket Hole Jig PDF Plan

My Scratch Stock

Making A Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock Holder I realize that making and using a scratch stock to shape a special profile is not new as a matter of fact it’s been around a lot longer than I have (and that’s quite a while) but this week was the first time I have had the need for such a tool. I’m currently repairing and refurbishing an old six foot dinning table that collapses in on itself to become a 20″ wide side table. The mechanism under the table is a… Read More »Making A Scratch Stock

Tenon Jig

036 Table Saw Tenon Jig: NOT a tenoning jig

Table Saw TENON JIG Not to be confused with a tenoning jig.   This simple table saw tenon jig creates accurate repeatable tenons with a hassle free setup. It is basically a crosscut sled that has a fine adjust feature and attaches to your miter gauge. Using your dado blade this little jig makes accurate work of cutting tenons on your rails, stiles or wherever you require a tenon. Easy to build and even easier to use. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

117 Wheelbarrow + Jig Plans

Wooden Wheelbarrow Plus Bonus – Bandsaw Circle Jig Included This wheelbarrow is a fun practical project that will offer a few challenges to build. In order to make the front wheel for the wheelbarrow you will need to cut nicely rounded circles. To help you accomplish the perfect circles I have included a circle cutting jig for use with your bandsaw. No bandsaw –no problem cut out the circle with a jigsaw and fair a smooth circle. I used 2 pieces of ¾” plywood laminated… Read More »117 Wheelbarrow + Jig Plans

Design Service

Custom Design Service Available   Do you have a special project in mind? I will work with you to develop a workable plan. The cost is totally dependent on the complexity of the project.    A custom design (plan) starts as low as:  $25.00 /hour A typical project plan can take two hours or three days to prepare, however you will only be charged for the actual drawing time. A written estimate will be provided and approved by you prior to any design work commencing. In order to keep your costs lower and if you agree when the… Read More »Design Service


100 Mortising Jig: Another Shop Made Tool

The 100 Mortising Jig This plan 100 mortising jig is the easiest way to create mortises in the ends or sides of rails and stiles. The jig was designed to make use of shop-made floating (loose) tenon joinery. When mounted on your workbench it provides a stable accurate platform to rout your mortises on the ends of your rails for the floating tenons. Turn the jig around and now you can clamp your work piece horizontally and you are mortising the rest of your cross rails.… Read More »100 Mortising Jig: Another Shop Made Tool


094 Box Joint Jig w/ Micro Adjust

Adjustable Box Joint Jig Each time I build a project that requires box (finger) joints I scab together a quick jig and have at it. I guess I have been lucky as it works out most of the time however I found out that sometimes you just have to be accurate especially with wide panels. My last project required a box joint on 12 ¾ “sides. My test pieces worked out fine so I went ahead and cut the work-pieces. Unfortunately my test pieces were… Read More »094 Box Joint Jig w/ Micro Adjust

086 Free Radius Template Jig

Corner Routing Template (Jig) A simple jig for flush trimming corners of your project simple swivel the alignment blocks, mark your corner, rough cut the radius, and then flush trim using the jig (template) PDF HERE      Left click to open – Right click to save     Save Save Save Save Save