Shop Projects

Any projects that are normally used in the shop

ROS Sanding Disc Organizer

Sanding Disc Organizer Recently while working on a project I was sorting through my sanding discs and realized there had to be a better way to organize my discs to save time and better control of available grits. I wanted a holder that attached to the wall to save valuable drawer space, keep them sorted by grit and also I could tell at a glance if I was getting low on a particular grid. The result is this swiveling stand that hangs on the wall… Read More »ROS Sanding Disc Organizer

Multi-Purpose Push Block #192

This simple build will likely be one of the most used in your shop. Basic but sturdy construction makes this a very useful shop tool. I saw a similar jig in a woodworking publication but I felt it need some modifications. So I designed my own version and now I’m sharing it with my fellow woodworkers. A construction and materials list is included for your convenience. Happy Woodworking!

032 Folding Step Stool: Handy in the shop or house

Folding Step Stool Revised October 2019 This folding step stool is a useful project for your home or workshop. It not only makes a great little step stools it doubles as extra seating when required, especially in the shop. I found the original stool plan was too narrow and unstable so I modified the original to be stronger and safer. I widened the stance and added material to the feet to make the stool more stable. The Steps flip up out of the way when… Read More »032 Folding Step Stool: Handy in the shop or house

141 Folding Adjustable Sawhorse

Folding Adjustable Sawhorse Revised & Updated September 2019 I was surfing the internet looking for a folding adjustable sawhorse that I could store easily. I found several, however I couldn’t find one that I could  adjust to make it usable at a variety of machines. Everyone can use a sawhorse in their shop.  Not finding exactly what I was looking for I decided to design my own. Something that was easy and quick to build and had all of the features that I was looking for.… Read More »141 Folding Adjustable Sawhorse

Shop- Made Router Lift: An inexpensive alternative to commercial models

  Shop-Made Router Lift   BEST SELLING SHOP PROJECT PLAN  This shop-made router lift has always been a popular project with visitors to the website. The construction is relatively easy and the benefits in the shop are huge. If you have ever checked the price of commercially made lift you will certainly appreciate this project For anyone that always wanted a router lift, but just couldn’t justify the cost. This is (may) be the answer to you dilemma. The shop-made lift is constructed for the… Read More »Shop- Made Router Lift: An inexpensive alternative to commercial models

Multi-Function Shop Cart

Multi-Function Shop Cart #175

  The basic multi-function shop cart plan came about out of a need in my own shop. Recently I have been working with some long boards and sheet goods. When jointing 9’ boards I needed an extra support on the outfeed side of the jointer. The jointer outfeed sits 32” off the floor. In addition, 4’ x 8’ sheets of any material are very cumbersome to handle by yourself when using the tablesaw. So I designed and build MF shop cart to give me a… Read More »Multi-Function Shop Cart #175

Basic Wall Hung Cabinet

170 Basic Wall Hung Cabinet

This basic wall hung cabinet is an easy to build storage cabinet. The cabinet could be very handy in the shop or the laundry room. Basically wherever you want to store items you need but would rather have then out of site.  The construction is very simple and the joinery is very basic. The sides are mirror images of each other. The only difference being the right side has hinge mortises and the left side has a place for magnets. The magnets are just a… Read More »170 Basic Wall Hung Cabinet

Router Table

167 Router Table: Pro Grade

Router Table For years I have made do with an old router table that I should have rebuilt a long time ago. So I designed this cabinet stand and top that will provide me with ample storage and great dust collection and is easy to setup and use. The top and fence assembly has all of the features that I have seen in commercial units so it should work well in the shop. There is a miter slot running parallel to the front edge. Using… Read More »167 Router Table: Pro Grade

Sheet Goods Lifter: Shop Cart

Sheet Goods Lifter: Shop Cart I just received an email promotion regarding a new sheet goods lifter from a large, well known hardware supplier. I was surprised to see how much they wanted for this “New” product. I have been selling a plan for a shop-made version of a similar design since March of 2015. My version is listed as plan #128. Do yourself a favor and save huge dollars by building your own. My design is made from construction grade materials so everything is… Read More »Sheet Goods Lifter: Shop Cart

Panel Saw

009 Panel Saw: A cost saving shop alternative

Panel Saw This Panel Saw project is a great alternative to the costly manufactured versions. Designed to be build using construction grade material for 95% of the components. Of course you could forget the legs and use it as a vertical saw on a basic angled base to take up less space in the shop. You would likely want to reverse the feed position of the saw as there is no mechanical linkage to aid in feeding the saw. A plunge style saw like you… Read More »009 Panel Saw: A cost saving shop alternative