Almost Free Plans

Plans that I did not create, just re-drew and modfied

Multi-Purpose Push Block #192

This simple build will likely be one of the most used in your shop. Basic but sturdy construction makes this a very useful shop tool. I saw a similar jig in a woodworking publication but I felt it need some modifications. So I designed my own version and now I’m sharing it with my fellow woodworkers. A construction and materials list is included for your convenience. Happy Woodworking!

Design Service

Custom Design Service Available   Do you have a special project in mind? I will work with you to develop a workable plan. The cost is totally dependent on the complexity of the project.    A custom design (plan) starts as low as:  $25.00 /hour A typical project plan can take two hours or three days to prepare, however you will only be charged for the actual drawing time. A written estimate will be provided and approved by you prior to any design work commencing. In order to keep your costs lower and if you agree when the… Read More »Design Service


096 Last Man Standing Game

Last Man Standing Game   The Last Man Standing game consists of a playing area with 15 holes and 14 pegs. Anyone of the holes can be left empty to begin the game. The player then continues by jumping their peg over an adjacent peg in any direction into an empty hole, continuing to jump over an adjacent peg until they can no longer make a move. You can only jump one peg at a time but never over an empty hole. To add a… Read More »096 Last Man Standing Game


094 Box Joint Jig w/ Micro Adjust

Adjustable Box Joint Jig Each time I build a project that requires box (finger) joints I scab together a quick jig and have at it. I guess I have been lucky as it works out most of the time however I found out that sometimes you just have to be accurate especially with wide panels. My last project required a box joint on 12 ¾ “sides. My test pieces worked out fine so I went ahead and cut the work-pieces. Unfortunately my test pieces were… Read More »094 Box Joint Jig w/ Micro Adjust

087 Gumball Dispenser

GUMBALL DISPENSER Looking for a fun project, that will make a great conversation piece no matter where you have it this gumball dispenser will certainly make a conversation piece even if you don’t use it for candy. Leave it on your bar for the big kids or in the playroom for the real kids. A similar project was published in a local woodworking magazine I thought it would make a great project for the grandchildren so I redrew it and added a couple of useful… Read More »087 Gumball Dispenser