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Chinese Checkers #152

Chinese Checkers Game The game of Chinese checkers has been around forever. It is a very simple game to play yet provides hours of great family fun. The game board sits down from the...

Tissue & TP Boxes

Bathroom Boxes #151

Bathroom Tissue Box Cover & TP Roll Storage Tower These two bathroom accessories started out as a simple drawing. I have been drawing so many beds and large pieces of furniture lately I was...

Double Bed

099 Original Double Bed In A Box

Bed–In–A-Box (Double)   NEW VERSION DOUBLE BED HERE …. Plan # 148 On the suggestion of a several fellow woodworkers, I have made a few modifications to the original double size Bed-in-a-Box. The original...

Tiled Table Set

Tiled Table Set #143

 Tiled Table Set My in-laws have a beautiful set of tiled Teak coffee and end tables with a ceramic inlay. Although not shown here all of the edges are rounded over with a 3/8”curve....