Free Cornhole (Bean bag toss) Game Plan

Great Fun for the entire family Download the plan for free! The bean bags can be ordered on line or made yourself. The plan includes the rules of the game and bean bag specifications Enjoy!                     Click to download CORNHOLE GAME DOWNLOAD  

2 Toy Catapults for Marshmallows (Free Plan)

Looking for something to do with or for your children? During this trying time you may be looking for something to fill your time, either with your kids or for them. This is a fairly easy project that provides great bonding time and a fun toy when you’re done. Having a workshop big or small is a great way to keep busy while having to social distance ourselves.This marshmallow thrower is great fun. Just click the plan name below to download. Happy woodworking, stay healthy.… Read More »2 Toy Catapults for Marshmallows (Free Plan)

Dice Tower

138 Dice Tumbler (Free Plan)

This free Dice Tumbler plan was designed purely for fun. If you’re looking for a fun build that is easy to construct you have found it. The project can be made using shop scraps or nice wood the choice is yours. The concept, like any other dice tower is to make sure the dice spin, rotate and change orientation. They must have enough room to change position as they travel through the tumblers. I added plexiglass to the front so you can watch the dice… Read More »138 Dice Tumbler (Free Plan)

Charging Station

Charging Station #161 (FREE)

For 2017 I wanted to start the year off with a simple easy to build shop project, so I came up with this drill charging station. The best news: the plan is totally FREE! Just my way of saying thank you to everyone that has supported the site for the last 5 years. The station is very basic and can be made out of any material that you have laying around the shop. All components are glued and screwed together making construct quick and easy.… Read More »Charging Station #161 (FREE)

Bandsaw Box

Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy (Free PowerPoint)

 Bandsaw Boxes are fun and easy to make Download the Free PowerPoint presentation below ….. Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy PDF Right Click to download This was a instructional PowerPoint I made awhile back for the Instructable’s Website. It takes you step by step through the process to make bandsaw boxes. If you have never made them before you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by finished product and the amount of time it takes to complete. Use just about any type of material and you will have… Read More »Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy (Free PowerPoint)

Bird House

Bluebird House (FREE)

Bluebird House   After researching the proper dimensions for bluebird houses, these were the most consistent I could find. Basically they are a 5 ½” square, an overall height of 15”. The hole must be 2 1/4” from the top of the front and 1 ½” diameter. I added an extension block and the aluminum plate to stop squirrels and other predators from enlarging the hole and reaching inside.  I used cedar for the main components and a secondary wood for the mounting plate. The… Read More »Bluebird House (FREE)

Cam Clamp

Free Cam Clamp Plan

Shop Made Cam Clamp   Put the squeeze on high priced clamps with these free cam clamp plans. …. Just make your own You can construct as many clamps as you require in varying lengths and at huge cost savings. I saw a picture and description of these clamps on Instructable’s that were designed by Mike from Wood Shop Mike. I just redrew them in Sketchup and provided dimensions them in Metric and British units. If you would prefer there are plans and construction details… Read More »Free Cam Clamp Plan

Basic Bee House

Mini BEE Incubator: Free Plan …. help save the bee population!

Mini-Bee Incubator This version of the Mini-BEE Incubator series is a smaller version of the Luxury Bee Condo. Based on the condo plan it has all of the parts reduced in size to make it easier & less expensive to build. The cost of this Mini-BEE Incubator plan is FREE. Bees are critical to our food security Two-thirds of the food crops humans eat everyday require bees and other pollinators to successfully produce a crop. However- the health and productivity of honeybees, bumble bees, and… Read More »Mini BEE Incubator: Free Plan …. help save the bee population!

Bee House

Basic BEE Incubator (FREE)

Basic BEE Incubator: This Basic BEE Incubator is the second in the bee house series. The first house is a fairly complicated build whereas this simplified version will be much easier to build. However it will still provide a safe place for bees to flourish. This is a simple mitered box with a removable front panel for fall cleaning. It contains a variety of tube sizes to attract several different types of bees. The front panel sits ¾” away from the housing tubes so predators… Read More »Basic BEE Incubator (FREE)

Luxury Bee Condo

BEE Condo Incubator (FREE)

BEE CONDO INCUBATOR Insect pollinators contribute $29 billion to U.S. farm income Bees and other insects that pollinate plants in the United States have suffered in recent decades from mites, pesticides, pathogens, land development and habitat fragmentation. Nevertheless, production of insect-pollinated crops has mostly increased this century. Now, new research shows that insect pollinators’ value to farmers may be hard to replace. Bees are amazing and so beneficial, unfortunately they are decreasing in numbers. They are so important to our agricultural system, everyone should help… Read More »BEE Condo Incubator (FREE)