Charging Station #161 (FREE)

Charging StationFor 2017 I wanted to start the year off with a simple easy to build shop project, so I came up with this drill charging station. The best news is, the plan is totally FREE!

Just my way of saying thank you to everyone that has supported the site for the last 5 years.

The station is very basic and can be made out of any material that you have laying around the shop. All components are glued and screwed together making construct quick and easy. The most expensive part will be the multi strip outlet for the battery chargers.

The design has room for five drills or nail guns (whatever you want to hang up. You just have to adjust the size of the drill slots to accommodate your equipment. If you require more or less capacity just adjust the plan to suit your needs.

There is a fair amount of weight when the drills, batteries and chargers are on the charging station so there is a French cleat system used to mount it to the wall.

Download the free plan HERE




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Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy (Free PowerPoint)

 Bandsaw Boxes are fun and easy to make

Bandsaw Boxes Tutorial

Download the Free PowerPoint presentation below …..

Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy PDF Right Click to download

This was a instructional PowerPoint I made awhile back for the Instructable’s Website. It takes you step by step through the process to make bandsaw boxes. If you have never made them before you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by finished product and the amount of time it takes to complete. Use just about any type of material and you will have beautiful gifts for your family and friends. Warning: Bandsaw Boxes can become quite addictive 🙂



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Bluebird House (FREE)

Bird House

Bluebird House


After researching the proper dimensions for bluebird houses, these were the most consistent I could find.

Basically they are a 5 ½” square, an overall height of 15”. The hole must be 2 1/4” from the top of the front and 1 ½” diameter.

I added an extension block and the aluminum plate to stop squirrels and other predators from enlarging the hole and reaching inside.

 I used cedar for the main components and a secondary wood for the mounting plate. The door pivots on a ¼” dowel and is secured with a couple galvanized nails which are left extended for easy removal. The house must be cleaned out after each nesting season. Mount your new birdhouse 4 – 6 feet from ground level and preferably with a tree nearby.

I believe the bluebird is one of the most beautiful birds to observe and if you can attract them you will can enjoy their beauty as well. Happy bird watching!

Right click to download or left click to open: Bluebird House Plan

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Free Cam Clamp Plan

Cam Clamp

Shop Made Cam Clamp


Put the squeeze on high priced clamps with these free cam clamp plans. …. Just make your own

You can construct as many clamps as you require in varying lengths and at huge cost savings.

I saw a picture and description of these clamps on Instructable’s that were designed by Mike from Wood Shop Mike. I just redrew them in Sketchup and provided dimensions them in Metric and British units. If you would prefer there are plans and construction details on Mike’s website as well. Just follow this LINK.

I was so impressed with the design I wanted to share it with my fellow woodworkers.

Have Fun!

PDF Plan (Right Click the link to Download)

Cam Clamp Plan



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Making A Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock Holder

I realize that making and using a scratch stock to shape a special profile is not new as a matter of fact it’s been around a lot longer than I have (and that’s quite a while) but this week was the first time I have had the need for such a tool.Table Mechanism

I’m currently repairing and refurbishing an old six foot dinning table that collapses in on itself to become a 20″ wide side table. The mechanism under the table is a series of short sliding dovetailed rails that fold in on each other allowing you to expand and contract the table. I was very impressed that someone came up with this idea more than 80 years ago.

The table was missing all of the leaves for the extension, which is no problem. However I could not match the profile on the top edge with any of the router bits and molding heads that I have. so I made a profile on a piece of old card stock and then designed a holder for the blade.

If you have any need for a specialty tool you can download the PDF file Scratch Stock    IT’S FREE 🙂

There will be a plan available for this cleverly designed dining table in the very near future



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Plinko Candy Dispenser #049 (FREE)

This  Plinko candy dispenser was created by Steve Ramsay from Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Plinko candy dispenser

Plinko Candy Dispenser

I just re-drew his plan candy dispenser plan because I thought it would be fun to draw. What a great project for a grandparent or parent that is looking for a unique gift. You could adjust it so that it holds ping pong balls or something similar if you do want to add to their sugar intake. Either way have fun with this project. It might make a great project to build with your kids as well.

I know everyone in the family will enjoy this unique project and what a great conversation piece. All for FREE

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Design Service

Custom Design Service Available

Do you have a special project in mind? I will work with you to develop a workable plan. The cost is totally dependent on the complexity of the project. 

A custom design (plan) starts as low as:  $25.00

A typical project plan can take two hours or three days to prepare, however you will only be charged for the actual drawing time. A written estimate will be provided and approved by you prior to any design work commencing.

In order to keep your costs lower and if you agree when the plan is complete it will become the property of and may eventually be posted to this website.


Contact: or or use the contact form on the website.

A Deposit MAY Required After The Estimate is Approved!

Labor Chg

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083 Dual Purpose Jig (Free)

This jig will provide clean accurate cuts with the circular saw or router

Dual Purpose Cut off Jig

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Circular Saw Cut Guide (free) #077

Cut-Off Speed SquareCircular Saw Cut Guide

Easy to build and even easier to use. This jig will give you an exact alignment edge after your first cut. When you construct the jig make the T (fence) a little oversized, then when you make your first cut it will provide you with an alignment mark for accurate cuts with your circular saw. The jig shown in the plan will handle boards up to 18″ in width however the jig is so easy to build, I would suggest making a couple of different sizes just for ease of handling. The jig is just a great way to give you quick alignment and accurate cuts. If you are measuring from the left end of the board allow (add) the width of your saw blade for accurate cuts.

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