Double Flip-Top Workstation #162

Double Flip-topDouble Flip-top Workstation

I designed and made this double flip-top workstation for a couple of pieces of machinery that I use, but not often. It just makes a convenient way to store the equipment and saved some floor space at the same time.

This particular project was designed for the machines that I wanted to mount on it. You can easily adapt the sizes of all components to suit your needs. For example your drawer (optional) may be larger if your equipment allows for more space. Mind you the drawer is handy for storing related accessories.

The other optional component are the castors. If the stand doesn’t need to be mobile than you could make your sides higher which will provide a larger area for your equipment.

The construction is very basic yet very sturdy as the sides and flip-top are doubled up. The ¼” molding is also optional and does nothing but hide the plywood edges and the seam where the sides are laminated together. There is no complicated joinery, the majority of the parts are held together with screws and the threaded rod provides the strength in he upper half.

The flip-top latches in two locations, both located in the front. However there are latches on all four corners to secure the top in place in either position.

Either way you flip it I’m sure everyone has a use for this dual purpose workstation.

Flip-Top PDF Plan # 162  …………… Just $2.95 Flip-Top PDF

Flip-Top Sketchup Drawing # S-162  … $3.95 Sketchup Drawing

Both Files (Bundle) #PDSU-162  Save 30% …… $4.83 Flip-Top Bundle






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Router Lift #034

Router Lift

Members Router Lift

Shop-Made Router Lift


This homemade lift has always been a popular project with visitors to the website. The construction is relatively easy and the benefits in the shop are huge. 

For anyone that always wanted a router lift, but just couldn’t justify the cost. This is may be the answer to you dilemma. The shop-made lift is constructed for the most part with plywood. The guide rails and v-blocks should be made using a dense hardwood like maple. The travel of the carrier is made possible with a threaded rod and a threaded insert. It can be driven with a wrench or to make it a little faster a socket and ratchet drive. Any play in the travel is taken up with the set screws that apply pressure on the hardwood v-blocks.  The lower nut should be locked in place with silicone to stop it spinning. All of the finer details are laid out in the plan.

You do have to purchase a standard router plate which is available at any woodworking store like Rockler or Busy Bee in Canada. When your project is constructed it will fit the majority of barrel style routers on the market.

Router Lift Plan # 034 Only $ 4.95

R-Lift PDF

Router Lift Sketchup File # S-034 $5.95

R-Lift Sketchup

PDF & Sketchup Bundle   <<< Save 30%  Just $7.63

Lift Bundle





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Folding Adjustable Sawhorse #141


Folding Adjustable Sawhorse

$1.00 Plan

I was surfing the internet looking for a folding adjustable sawhorse that I could store easily. I found several, however I couldn’t find one that I could  adjust to make it usable at a variety of machines. Everyone can use a sawhorse in their shop.

Not finding exactly what I was looking for I decided to design my own. Something that was easy and quick to build and had all of the features that I was looking for.

With the dimensions I have provided the sawhorse will adjust from 33 – 38” in half inch increments and folds up to under six inches so will hang on the wall when not in use. However by lengthening or shortening the legs you can change the overall height to whatever suits your needs. The project is very simple to construct. The only somewhat tricky part are adding the wedges in the lifting posts to secure the adjustable top plate. I have provided the the dimensions in inches and millimeters. I’m sure you will find a use for this handy addition in your shop.

Sawhorse PDF File #141 …………. Just $1.00

Sawhorse PDF

Sketchup Drawing #S-141 ………….. $2.00

Sawhorse (Sketchup)

Purchase both files and save 30% #PDSU-141 …. $2.10

Sawhorse Bundle

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Free Cam Clamp Plan

Cam Clamp

Shop Made Cam Clamp


Put the squeeze on high priced clamps with these free cam clamp plans. …. Just make your own

You can construct as many clamps as you require in varying lengths and at huge cost savings.

I saw a picture and description of these clamps on Instructable’s that were designed by Mike from Wood Shop Mike. I just redrew them in Sketchup and provided dimensions them in Metric and British units. If you would prefer there are plans and construction details on Mike’s website as well. Just follow this LINK.

I was so impressed with the design I wanted to share it with my fellow woodworkers.

Have Fun!

PDF Plan (Right Click the link to Download)

Cam Clamp Plan



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Swivel Clamp Storage #139


Clamp StorageSwivel Clamp Rack


Double the clamps …. half of the wall space!

Wall space is always at a premium in even the largest shops so the less room you have to occupy to accomplish your clamp storage issues the better.

This clamp rack is designed to be wall mounted, high enough to accommodate your longest bar or pipe clamp. The rack will hold 31 bar and pipe clamps and there is room on the end for an assortment of smaller clamps. The lower center cross brace could be used for even more storage. Of course all of the dimensions are variable to suit your needs. The design as shown would require approximately four feet of wall space to allow it to swivel for easy access, however since it is a double sided design it will hold twice as many clamps in the same space. The angled brace is a must have, like a fence gate you have to distribute the weight and support the load. In this design I used a 1 ½” pipe as the swivel for strength but I’m sure a smaller diameter of pipe would work just fine. The unit would have to be lag bolted to a wall stud as there will be considerable weight when it is loaded to capacity.

The majority of the material used is 2x construction boards planed to 1 ¼” thick for lower cost and convenience. Dimensions are provided in British and Metric units for your convenience.

This was a fun project to draw and now I’m heading to have to shop to build one for myself as I always need more clamp storage  Happy Woodworking!

Plan #139 Clamp Rack PDF …………… $5.95

Swivel Rack PDF

Sketchup Drawing for Clamp Rack …. $6.95

Rack Sketchup Drw Purchase both files and $ave 30%

Clamp Rack Bundle #PDSU-139 …. Just $9.03

Swivel Rack Bundle

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Shop Helper #128


Shop CartThe Shop Helper


Do you ever wish you had another pair of hands to help out in the shop? Well I’ve just designed your new best friend.

We both know that handling 4 x 8 sheets of any product is a pain in the neither region. Struggling to get it lined up so you can make a cut on the tablesaw is not a job for the timid.

The shop helper will help to alleviate that problem. Just load the sheet good onto the rolling cart from your vehicle and wheel it over to the front of your tablesaw.

Now lift the tilting top up into place until the gravity fed locking arms fall into place, push your leveling pins in place for security, lock your castors and you’re ready to feed the stock into your tablesaw. The material lifts very easily because the fulcrum point is just off center.


Helper PDF Plan #128 just $5.95

Helper PDF

Helper Sketchup file #S-128 only $6.95  Shop Helper

Sketchup File

or purchase both and save 30%



Helper Bundle #PDSU-128 just $9.03

Helper Bundle

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Making A Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock

Scratch Stock Holder

I realize that making and using a scratch stock to shape a special profile is not new as a matter of fact it’s been around a lot longer than I have (and that’s quite a while) but this week was the first time I have had the need for such a tool.Table Mechanism

I’m currently repairing and refurbishing an old six foot dinning table that collapses in on itself to become a 20″ wide side table. The mechanism under the table is a series of short sliding dovetailed rails that fold in on each other allowing you to expand and contract the table. I was very impressed that someone came up with this idea more than 80 years ago.

The table was missing all of the leaves for the extension, which is no problem. However I could not match the profile on the top edge with any of the router bits and molding heads that I have. so I made a profile on a piece of old card stock and then designed a holder for the blade.

If you have any need for a specialty tool you can download the PDF file Scratch Stock    IT’S FREE 🙂

There will be a plan available for this cleverly designed dining table in the very near future



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Sanding Disc Organizer #120

Sanding Disc Organizer #120

Sanding Disc Organizer


Sanding Disc Organizer


Recently while working on a project I was sorting through my sanding discs and realized there had to be a better way to organize my discs to save time and better control of available grits.

I wanted a holder that attached to the wall to save valuable drawer space, keep them sorted by grit and also I could tell at a glance if I was getting low on a particular grid.

The result is this swiveling stand that hangs on the wall where each holder swings out of the way of the shelf above it making for easy access. The holders of the sanding disc organizer swing 70 degrees to the right or left of center.

This particular sanding disc holder was designed for 5” sanding pads with an eight-hole pattern but it can easily be modified to suit whatever discs you use in your shop.

To simplify the construction I have included a cutting template for the curved sanding disc holders. If you use a six inch random orbital sander or one that uses a 5-hole disc, your dowel post drilling pattern will have to vary to match your sanding discs.

A fun weekend project that will definitely get a lot of use in my shop.

Happy Woodworking!

Disc Organizer PDF Plan #120 ………….. Just 2.95

Organizer PDF

Disc Organizer Sketchup File #S-120   …………. Just $3.95


Purchase both files and save 30% ……………….. Only $4.83

Disc Bundle

Now get to the shop and organize your Sanding Discs!



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Design Service

Custom Design Service Available

Do you have a special project in mind? I will work with you to develop a workable plan. The cost is totally dependent on the complexity of the project. 

A custom design (plan) starts as low as:  $25.00

A typical project plan can take two hours or three days to prepare, however you will only be charged for the actual drawing time. A written estimate will be provided and approved by you prior to any design work commencing.

In order to keep your costs lower and if you agree when the plan is complete it will become the property of and may eventually be posted to this website.


Contact: or or use the contact form on the website.

A Deposit MAY Required After The Estimate is Approved!

Labor Chg

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Flip-Top Workstation #101

Space Saving Mobile Workstation


01 Flip Top Shop Cart

Flip-Top Workstation

Everyone is trying to conserve space in their shop no matter what the size. This space saving Flip-Top workstation will cut down you bench-top machine footprint considerably plus keep your machines easily accessible. The cart is easy to use and inexpensive to build. A great addition for any shop!

I saw a similar cart in an on-line article and felt their design wasn’t strong enough to support your valuable shop equipment the way it should be. The Flip-Top workstation is constructed using construction grade materials both for strength and to keep the cost reasonable. I have designed the bracing so it would provide lass racking and the top is a torsion box design so it will stay flat. The top of the Flip-Top cart pivots on ½” bolts and is secured in place with simple sliding latches. The legs are also bolted and screwed for extra strength. I also doubled up the top layers so you have lots of material to anchor your equipment. If you keep the weight close to equal on both sides of the top it will act as a counterbalance when you are rotating the top to switch machines.  

Flip-Top PDF Plan #101 ………….. Just $5.95

Flip-Top PDF

Flip-Top Sketchup File # S-101 …. Only $6.95

Sketchup File

Buy BOTH files for the Flip-Top Workstation and save 30% Plan #PDSU-101 ….. Bundle Only $9.03

Flip-Top Bundle

Workstation saves space – makes work easier

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