Kid’s Kitchen Booster #116

Kitchen Helper Platform

Kids Kitchen Booster

Children like to help mom or dad in the kitchen now you can keep them safe and secure instead of standing on a chair with the Kids Kitchen Booster.

The helper stands 36” high so it is in line with most kitchen counter tops. The platform that they stand on is adjustable to three different positions so depending on the size of your little assistant you can make it work.
The front rungs (stretchers) are used as a ladder so the children can climb on to the platform.

One of the best features about this Kid’s project is its ability to collapse to a thickness of 8 9/16” for easy storage when not in use.

I designed the booster so it will fit up tight to the counter, even the flared feet which I added for stability will fit under the toe-kick on most kitchen cabinetry.

The project is very simple to build and consists of only eight different pieces. The mortise and tenon joinery makes the helper rock solid and will last for years. As far as materials just about anything will work. I would likely suggest a hardwood just for strength, however if you are concerned about weight or are trying to keep the costs down a softwood will work just fine. One thing I would consider adding would be the plastic edging on the collapsible sides just as an extra level of security.

Helping to keep your children safe in the kitchen ….. Happy woodworking!


Booster PDF Plan #116 …………… Only $5.95

Helper PDF

Helper Sketchup File #S-116 ……… Only $6.95


Bundle both and save 30%

KKH Combo #PDSU-116 ………. Just $9.03

Helper Bundle








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Convertible Table or Bench #118

Convertible Table-Bench


Convertible Picnic Table or Bench

**Correction on Parts List: Part K … Quantity should read 6**

This convertible bench – table is great when you are limited for space on a small deck or a campsite easily convert your bench into a picnic table or table into a bench whatever you need at the time. Made entirely from construction lumber or if you want to dress it up you may want to use cedar.

The overall construction of this project is quite basic but accuracy it very important. There has to be clearance while converting from table to bench or vice versa. It also has to sit level no matter how your furniture is being used.

I designed the project using ¾” dowel stock as pivot points, however you could easily use bolts and nuts as long as you recess the bolt head and locking nut.

In either position the table or bench sits at a normal height of approximately 19” from the ground for the seating and 30” from the ground which is normal table height. I have shown the fixture in different colors but that is just for clarity when viewing.

In either position the furniture piece will be handy and certainly a conversation piece with your family, friends and visitors.  Have fun …. Happy Woodworking!

Table – Bench PDF Plan #118 ……………………. Just $8.95

Convertible PDF

Table – Bench Sketchup File #S-118 …………… Just $9.95

Sketchup Only

Purchase Both and Save 30 %

Table – Bench Combo #PDSU-118 …………….. ONLY $13.23

Convertible Bundled
Have fun – Impress your friends with your new

Is it a Table or a Bench 🙂




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Cribbage Board Game #005

cribbage boardCRIBBAGE BOARD

The game of cribbage provides great family fun, and is relatively easy to build. Very few pieces yet a challenge to build. The routed storage compartments and the dovetailed game board lock make for an interesting project. However the results are worth the head scratching. A drilling template is included or you can layout the holes with the provided measurements. Enjoy!cribbage board closed

This game was the winner of a woodworking project design challenge hosted by Woodworkers Journal (Rockler Affiliate)

Cribbage Board PDF Plan # 005  $ 3.95

Board PDF

Sketchup File Only #S-005  $4.95

Sketchup Drawing

PDF & Sketchup Bundle #PDSU-005 >> Save 30% $6.23

Game Bundle

Have fun with your new Cribbage Board!




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Billiard Chair #059

Player's Chair

The Billiard Chair


One of the most used projects I have built. I saw a picture of a similar chair in a Canadian Woodworking magazine several years ago and thought how useful that would be. So the plan was born with permission of the author.

You sit up at about 3 feet so you can watch the table, relax and enjoy your favourite beverage while you are playing or watching the game in progress. You will likely need more than one as they are a very popular perch.

The upholstered seat and backrest make a nice comfortable addition to the project. I also scroll sawed the families surname initial in the upper back rest just to personalize the project.

This chair was constructed using red oak but I’m sure any hardwood would work just fine. Not shown in the plan but worth the extra time would be to round over all exposed edges for comfort and appearance. The through tenons all have a 45 degree chamfer to give them a finished look. The upper front and rear rails are secured with screws through the side tenons and faux tenons are used to plug the mortises.

After you complete this project for yourself, don’t be surprised if you get requests from your friends that have a pool table. Enjoy! Always Work Safely

Chair PDF Plan # 059 ….  Just $ 5.95

Billiard PDF

Billiard Chair Sketchup File Only # S-059      $6.95


Combo: PDF & Sketchup Files save 30% Just $9.03

Billiard Bundle



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Shoe Storage #160

shoe storage

Shoe Trays (2 Units)

A friend who comes to my shop every Thursday night was in need of a project for this season. We have decided on this shoe storage cabinet as both Colleen and her husband seem to have a tremendous amount of shoes.

So this shoe storage container came to be.

The project is actually two storage units that sit side by side. The units are his and hers or maybe hers and hers I’m not sure. The dimensions (easily adjusted) had to fit under a window in their entrance (mud) room. These dimensions work well for Colleen however you may want to adjust the sizes to suit your needs.

Each tray area should hold four to six various pairs of shoes depending on the style.

The project is made using veneer core plywood for all of the case parts. The tray will be constructed using Maple and all of the plywood edges will be cover is a shop made maple edge banding.

If you wish you can trim the front frame in a contrasting hardwood. It will certainly dress the piece up nicely.

I will attempt to post progress pictures as the build is completed …



Shoe Storage PDF Plan #160 ………………… $8.95 US

Shoe Storage PDF

Sketchup File #S-160 …………………………… $9.95 US

Sketchup Drwg

Bundled Plans #PDSU-160 Save 30% ……. $13.23 US

Cabinet Bundle







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Chinese Checkers #152


Chinese Checkers Game

The game of Chinese checkers has been around forever. It is a very simple game to play yet provides hours of great family fun.

The game board sits down from the top edge in a dado, so the marbles can’t roll off if they come out of the holes.
I would suggest using MDF or a good birch plywood for the playing surface so that seasonal movement doesn’t affect the frame.

You will get lots of drilling practice with this project but to make it easier I have included a drilling template that you just have to photocopy and lay over the board and drill away. There is also a storage drawer to keep your marbles when not in use. It held closed with a magnet and has an internal fixed lid so the marbles stay in the tray when you’re moving it around. I added corner splines for strength and appearance they are recommended, but optional.

When it’s time to paint the play area, if you tape off 3 of the colored triangles, spray paint them the various colors, and then when that dries you can repeat the process for the rest. The hardwood around the edge is your choice, I would suggest a fancier wood just to jazz up the game. I’ve shown it here with purpleheart.

I have included the rules for playing Chinese checkers in case you have forgotten.

Work safely but have fun in the shop. Happy woodworking!

Game PDF Plan #152 …… $4.95
Game PDF
Sketchup Drawing # S-152 …. $5.95
Sketchup File
Both Files Bundled #PDSU-152 – Save 30% … $7.63
Game Bundle


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Bathroom Boxes #151

Bathroom Boxes

Bathroom Tissue Box Cover & TP Roll Storage Tower

These two bathroom accessories started out as a simple drawing. I have been drawing so many beds and large pieces of furniture lately I was looking for a nice simple project that I could complete in a couple of evenings. Then as I got into it I thought this could be a very nice accent project or gift so it became more elaborate as I continued to work on the design.

The tissue box cover was designed around a box of Kleenex (Brand name) I had in the shop and the toilet roll holder just seemed like a nice complimentary piece.

Both pieces are thin walled with accent wood for highlights and mitered corners with 1/8” splines for strength and appearance.

Be sure to check the measurements for the products that you normally purchase for your household and adjust the sizes accordingly.

This little project is on my to-do list as soon as I get the entertainment center completed that I’m working on. Happy Woodworking

Bathroom Boxes PDF File #151  Just $4.95

Boxes (PDF)

Sketchup Drawing Only #S-151 Only $5.95

Sketchup File

Purchase Both Files and $ave 30% #PDSU151

Bathroom Bundle #PDSU-151  $ 7.63

Box Bundle


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90 Degree Twin Bunk Beds #137

90 Degree Bunks

90 Degree Twin Bunk Beds


These 90 degree twin bunk beds are the second in the series of bunk beds. These are twin size beds which are turned 90 degrees to each other. This configuration provides space under the top bunk that can be used as a work or study area. If you prefer the standard bed over bed design check out plan #136.

Bunk beds are a great addition to any home. Saving space and providing a bed for your children’s visitors. The beds can be separated and used as two separate beds as shown on page 2 of the plan.

Several parts are duplicated between the upper and lower bunks so be sure to check the parts list carefully so that all similar parts can be machined at the same time. For example several of the legs are the same with the exception the position or addition of a mortise etc.

Great project that will be appreciated by the younger folks in your life.

Happy Woodworking!

90* Twin Bunk PDF File # 137 ……… $10.95

90* Bunk PDF

Sketchup File Only # S-137 ………….. $12.95

Sketchup File

Purchase Both and Save 30 %

Bundled Files # PDSU-137  ..……  $16.73

Bunk Bundle


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Tiled Table Set #143

Tiled Table Set Tiled Table Set

My in-laws have a beautiful set of tiled Teak coffee and end tables with a ceramic inlay. Although not shown here all of the edges are rounded over with a 3/8”curve. The tables look so smooth and streamline with the gentle curved edges I wanted to make a set. So I took some pictures and measurements from their tables and came up with this plan. The tile makes the tables so practical and yet it is not overwhelming and looks great.

Ninety percent of the table is made with 1” thick material which really gives the table a solid, grounded look. The joinery is all beefy mortise and tenon construction so you could sit on the table which happens in some places, without worry of a joint failure.

The original tables were built using Teak however any hardwood would do, so you can build it to suit your taste and environment. The top is attached with table top fasteners that fit in slots cut into the side and end rails. This will allow for any seasonal movement and we all know that wood moves so you have to take that into consideration when constructing any piece of furniture.

Have fun, this tiled table set will serve you well for many years.

Tiled Table Set PDF Plan #143 ………………….. $ 7.95

Table Set (PDF)

Tiled Table Sketchup File ONLY #S-143 …….. $ 8.95

Tables (Sketchup) Purchase both and $AVE 30%

Table Set Bundle #PDSU-143 ………………….. $11.83

Tables Bundled



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Fishing Rod Stand # 147

Fishing Rod Storage

Fishing Rod Storage Rack


I saw a picture of this fishing rod holder in a magazine I was flipping through. There were no dimensions or a plan of any sort available so I created my own. This is a very basic project and can easily be built in an afternoon in your workshop.

All you require are two pieces of 1” x 6” x 96” material, about 72” of 3/8” Dia. dowel stock, and (16) 1- ½” woodscrews. As far as tools, if you have a drill with a 2” and 3/8” Forestner bit, a miter or hand saw, screw driver and hammer you are good to go. Step by step instructions are included.

A few hours labor and you have a great place to store your fishing rods and spare reels.

Happy Woodworking!

Fishing Rod Rack #147 ……………. PDF File $4.95

Rod Rack PDF

Sketchup Drawing Only # S-147 …………….. $5.95

Sketchup ONLY

Purchase both files and save 30%


Fishing Rod Rack Bundle #PDSU-147 ……. $7.63

Fishing Bundle


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