Brian’s Original Queen Bed Build Project

artist-buddyBrian the artist/ woodworker from New Orleans, was good enough to share photos and a stop motion video of his build for plan #111, the Original Queen Bed Project.

Being the clever artist/ woodworker that he is, came up with a brilliant idea to support the headrest. The modified design lets a person lean back against the headrest to read. As an added bonus you get a small corner ledge that works well for holding your favorite beverage.

The bed was built for a friend/ client of his. She had purchased the plan and asked Brian to construct it for her. Brian was impressed that the bed came together as shown in the plan and all of the parts fit back in the box when it was disassembled.

If you are interested in having Brian build or create a special project for you. Please check out his website at this link

In addition Brian has an Instagram account listed under “Americassmallestwoodshop

When I asked him about the geographic area that he  could cover he suggested  a circle the radius of New Orleans to Atlanta. He informs me he has a truck and could easily cover this area.

Make sure you check out the stop action video that Brian created as well as the photo gallery that he took during construction.












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Remarkable Craftsmanship

Mechanical MarvelTalk about mechanical stuff…..this is beautiful….amazing and spectacular.

It is hard to imagine how the artist did this.

A 240 year old doll that can write; a clockwork creation by Pierre Jaquet-Droz.

This 4 minute clip will fascinate just about all the engineers, artists, clock makers,

doll makers, computer programmers, want to be inventors, or basically anyone

out there that likes to tinker. 

Remember…this was built in the 1770’s.

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Turns by Ben Proudfoot

A Re-print from Fine Woodworking


Ben Proudfoot has done it again. Once in a long while a craftsman’s world is illuminated with such sympathy and perceptiveness that work you thought you understood rings with far deeper meaning. That was the effect for me of watching Turns, the new short documentary about the wonderful Nova Scotia-based turner Steven Kennard, whose turned and carved blackwood boxes were featured on the back cover of issue 220.

Made by Proudfoot and his team of very young and very talented filmmakers at Breakwater Studios, the ten-minute movie is a pure thrill to watch. It combines superb filmmaking–crackerjack camerawork and editing and a beautiful score–with an obvious passion for craft and an exceptional skill for interviewing. As Kennard describes turning one of his boxes, you feel transported right to the heart of his work and his world.

We first heard about Ben Proudfoot last year, when Fine Woodworking’s Senior Web Producer Ed Pirnik called Proudfoot’s short film The Ox, about the California woodworker Eric Hollenbeck, the best video of the year.

The film about Steven Kennard is one of six short documentaries Breakwater is making about Nova Scotia artisans. Another film in the series, Stone, about Heather Lawson, a stone cutter and stone carver, matches Turns in visual delights and emotional resonance. Something tells me we’ll be hearing much more about Proudfoot and Breakwater in the future. Can’t wait.

Read more:

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The Wood Whisperer Guild

Wood Whisperer Guild

    The Wood Whisperer Guild

Educational Woodworking Website

A new and refreshing look at woodworking, with an expert instructor. It is a very friendly student/ instructor relationship. It’s like you are there in the shop working along side of Marc.

You also gain access to a large community of woodworkers who are more than willing to share ideas or help with issues. I’ve been a member of Marc’s site since his very early days on the web.

Click HERE to check it out!

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John K’s Billiard Chair

Billiard 1 John sent me these pictures of the billiard chair he built using plan #059 as a starting point. John made a few changes that  he felt worked better with this piece and suited his particular needs better. I don’t think I have ever build a project from a plan that  I haven’t modified (sometimes unintentional) but usually because I thought it would work better my way.

Billiard 3 


                           Here’s what John had to say about the build!  

Bruce, attached is a picture of one of the three chairs I constructed.  I used your overall plan  measurements and mortising/tendon dimensions 100% and they worked out perfectly.  The following are changes that I made and some additional comments about the overall  chair.

Billiard 2

After sitting in the finished chair I noticed that the arm rests need to be about 3” higher. The back rest needs to be about 4-6” higher for the chair to be really comfortable; however, it is great for its intended purpose.

  1. The arm rest dimensions from your drawing looked out of proportion to the  rest of the chair.  I slimmed them down and then tapered.  I cut the front at 45 degrees and did not go around the back of the rear leg but made them flush with the back.
  2. I made larger spindels and only three; easier for me.
  3. I did not us the faux tendons, too much time; however, yours did look really good.
  4. I kept the rear legs full size which was easier for me to construct.
  5. I redesigned the armrest and foot rest supports; again, easier for me.
  6. I made the foot rest supports larger and attached them to the stretcher for additional support.
  7. I made the side seat supports with 3/4” stock.  I did not see the need for 1/2” stock.

Great project.  Everyone that sees them thinks they are wonderful.  Thanks, John.

John the chairs look great, thank so much for sending them. Bruce

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Unbelieveable Craftsmanship

The Roentgens are known for furniture that was so over the top it makes your brain hurt. David in particular was so accomplished, he soon caught the eye of Marie Antoinette, who would eventually become one of his greatest patrons.


As you watch the French monarch’s miniature produce music, keep in mind the fact that this work of art was created before the conclusion of the American Revolution, before the appearance of the first wristwatches, and before the first photograph was ever taken. It boggles the mind.

Abraham Roentgens Writing Desk

The Roentgens Dressing Table (Poudreuse)

And of course The Berlin Secretary Cabinet

Truly Amazing Craftsmanship
Re-Print from Fine Woodworking Article

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Modified Bookcase


Modified Bookcase


Ron M purchased plan #035 recently and has just sent me pictures of his finished modified bookcase.

Ron took the basic bookcase cabinet and adapted it to suit his (and his wife’s) needs. Plans really are just a starting point for your own creativity. Ron and his wife didn’t need a bookcase but they did need a shoe-case so with a few simple modifications they now have a storage case in their walk-in closet.

Basic BookcaseIn Ron’s words ….

“I built this bookcase for my wife to use as a shoe case in our walk-in closet.  We had some nice vertical space and I wanted a plan that would fit and look like a built in.  This plan did the trick.  The plan is nicely done and fit together like a glove. I made two structural change, instead of tenons and mortise on the case frame I used pocket screws and I added a french cleat to stabilize the top against the wall.  Build this for a refresher project or a first project its a fun build.”


The cabinet looks excellent. I’m sure you and your wife will enjoy the extra space for years to come. Thank you for posting your project.




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Shawn’s Corner Cabinet

Corner Cabinet Plan 014Shawn sent me a picture of the corner cabinet he is currently building. This cabinet according to Shawn is his first project, pretty amazing work for a first furniture piece. Shawn, like a lot of us is a weekend woodworker, however he promises to send more photos as he finishes off the cabinet.

Here’s what Shawn had to say …..

It is knotty pine as the face material and rustic hickory as the secondary plywood material.
I am adding doors with glass panels to the top and putting tin punch panels in the bottom doors. So still a few weeks off from completion as I only work on it on the weekends.
And as a complement to your instructions – this is my first piece of furniture I have ever built.

Thanks Shawn

Feb 15th 2016 Cabinet Update: Shawn has now completed the glass doors on the upper cabinet. He is planning on using punched tin in the lower doors, should look great. Thanks for sharing Shawn.

Shawns Cabinet

Feb 21st Cabinet Update: Shawn has now completed his corner cabinet. As it turns out it was a 20th anniversary present for his wife …… she must be so pleased!

“One heck of a nice job for a first project”

In Shawn’s words:

Here it is all finished!
Thanks for a great design!

Corner cabinet based on 3D Plan # 014
It is Knotty Pine as the face wood and Rustic Hickory as the secondary wood.
The top doors have “Seeded” glass from my local glass shop
The bottom doors are tin punch hand made by Piercedtin
Piercedtin is an excellent company to work with – very patient with multiple questions and custom design to meet your project needs.
The top and bottom cabinet bodies and shelves are as designed in the plans.
Except the top of the bottom cabinet is solid pine versus using ply as in the plans.
I highly recommend purchasing the Sketchup drawing along with the printed plans.
It allows you to rotate and get a good understanding of the project in 3D before you start cutting.
The top doors were designed by me to partially enclose the top of the cabinet versus the open design in the plans.
The bottom doors are modified from the plans to set on the face of the cabinet instead of being flush within the cabinet face.
I used Minwax clear stain and Minwax Polycrylic Satin.
Very pleased with how this project came together and so is the wife as this is her 20th anniversary present!

DSC_0689 (1024x948) DSC_0690 (1024x932) DSC_0694 (954x1024) DSC_0696 (552x1024)

If you are interested in building a similar corner cabinet for your bride or groom check out plan #014


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A Few of My Projects

These are a few of the projects I have built over the last few years.

(At least the ones I remembered to take pictures of :))


Bandsaw Box 4

Bandsaw Box 3

Bandsaw Box 2

Bandsaw-Box 5

Bandsaw Box 1

49 Golf Ball Display Case

42 Golf Ball Display Case

3-Leg-Glass Top Table



Poker-Chip-Box (Inside)

Office Hutch

Bench on a Bench

Mini Mantle Clock

Dead Blow Mallet

Dead Blow Mallet

Magazine Storage


Toy Box with drop down fron

Outdoor Seating

Horizontal Router

Horizontal Router

Heart in a Heart Picture Frame

Unique Drawer Pull

Special Frame

Old Style Extinguisher Display Rack

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Library Chair in Action

Robbie K’s Library Chair from plan 113

Robbie_Keller's album on Photobucket

Robbie K from SC built the library chair from plan 113   and made adjustments to suit his needs. Check out the pictures below for a more  detailed look. Robbie plans on even more modifications before making a few more.

As stated in another blog post a plan is just a starting pint. To make it viable and to add your personal touches just modify the project to suit
Great job Robbie
chair IMG_4828 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831
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