Chinese Checkers #152


Chinese Checkers Game

The game of Chinese checkers has been around forever. It is a very simple game to play yet provides hours of great family fun.

The game board sits down from the top edge in a dado, so the marbles can’t roll off if they come out of the holes.
I would suggest using MDF or a good birch plywood for the playing surface so that seasonal movement doesn’t affect the frame.

You will get lots of drilling practice with this project but to make it easier I have included a drilling template that you just have to photocopy and lay over the board and drill away. There is also a storage drawer to keep your marbles when not in use. It held closed with a magnet and has an internal fixed lid so the marbles stay in the tray when you’re moving it around. I added corner splines for strength and appearance they are recommended, but optional.

When it’s time to paint the play area, if you tape off 3 of the colored triangles, spray paint them the various colors, and then when that dries you can repeat the process for the rest. The hardwood around the edge is your choice, I would suggest a fancier wood just to jazz up the game. I’ve shown it here with purpleheart.

I have included the rules for playing Chinese checkers in case you have forgotten.

Work safely but have fun in the shop. Happy woodworking!

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