Classic Style Frame #129

Classic Frame

Greene & Greene Style Frame


This simple mirror or picture frame is styled after the Greene & Greene brothers work. It is a very classic build using pegged mortise and tenon joinery and their well-known cloud lift designs. All of the edges should be slightly rounded over to soften the overall look. The upper and lower rails are thicker than the stiles to create beautiful shadow lines. The dark coloured (usually Ebony) square pegs are a trademark of the Greene and Greene brothers. Each of the pegs has what is referred to as a pillow top and soften the look of the square pegs. The frame can be built using any material (usually a hardwood) but it is entirely up to the woodworker.

The whole project is created with four boards and really only two as they are just a mirrored copy of each other. I have included a template that will make the cloud lifts even easier to replicate.

Enjoy this classic piece of art in your home today. It going to look beautiful!

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