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126 Floating Top Coffee Table

I was looking for a unique design for a coffee table and I hope you are as well :). I found several but nothing that really stood out as unique.

After browsing through magazines and surfing the web I combined several of the ideas and this table was the result.

I liked the smooth flowing lines and the gentle curves of this floating top design. The cross braces are set in place with through mortises for strength and visual appeal.


The floating top and through cross brace tenons make this quite a unique table and a great conversation piece.

The overall dimensions for this design are 26 x 50 inches however with just a few minor changes it can easily be adapted to suit your needs. The whole project consists of only four different parts, however each part will offer you it’s own challenge when constructing the coffee table. Pinned mortise and tenon joinery and through tenons provide the strength and stability for this floating top coffee table.

Happy Woodworking! It’s all about the journey
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