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105 Compact Single Bed

Collapsible Single Bed

Updated October 2019

 Everyone loves a challenge. One of the SCA (Society of Creative Artist’s members challenged me to come up with a single bed that would dismantle small enough to fit in a compact vehicle. This is the result.

The compact bed when assembled measures the same as the single bed, capable of fitting a mattress 30” x 77”. With the new design changes the bed will dismantle to a footprint of just 7 ½” high x 24 ½” wide x 41” long. If you needed it to be even narrower you could take apart the headboard and save another 6” in width. Because the bed is a modular design it will be the quickest of all the beds to setup and take down. No tools required, just unhook the locking tenons load it in your vehicle and hit the road. I also beefed up the slats to ¾” in this model for a full size adult. If it was being used by smaller children you could reduce the slat materials to ½” thick and cut down on the overall weight. The weakest part of this bed’s new design structure is the locking tenons. I would suggest you choose your material wisely. If you are you are using solid lumber, definitely try and have the grain running on an angle across that joint. (See page 3 of the plan for clarification) As an alternative you could construct the corner legs and the center support from veneer core plywood which has no grain direction and would be stronger. Or have some metal plates fabricated to strengthen the joint.    However you decide to build this bed you should enjoy many years of use and ease of mobility.

I have provided templates for all of the curved parts to help with construction. Just photocopy them enlarge the print until the grid measures 1” x1” and attach it to your material of choice.

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 Have Fun building and using your new Compact Single Bed



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