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19 thoughts on “Questions?”

    1. @Andrei.P Sketchup is the 3d design software that I use to create the drawings. If you have the Sketchup software loaded on your computer you are able to modify , zoom in, rotate parts basically make any changes you want to the drawing. PDF files are just a standard format that most downloadable documents are created in. Like any plan or document you look at (download) just about anywhere on the web.
      To better understand you may want to watch some of basic tutorial videos that I have listed on the website under “Sketchup” I hope that helps. Bruce

  1. I’m wondering what the (estimated) cost would be for building the queen size bed in a box? We just want to have a general idea of what we should set aside before trying to get the parts together. Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie
      Thanks for contacting us. The cost will be totally dependent on the type of material you use and whether you are buying from a big box store or sawmill. I’m not sure what your prices are but mine here in Ontario are roughly as follows. Rough pine that has to be planed down to size runs about $1.00 /board foot, clear pine would be about three times that amount. A hardwood like Oak from a sawmill that has to be milled will likely run you about $3 – $4 a board foot if you bought finished boards at a big box store it will likely be $6.00 – $8.00 /bd. ft. As a guess I would suggest setting aside about $300-$500 for materials. Hopefully someone that has completed that bed will comment with their costs Sorry I can’t be more specific. Bruce

    1. Eric It is not a very easy design to modify quickly. You basically have to re-draw the whole project to make it work properly. I will look at making a normal king size design when I get a chance. Thanks for your comment. Bruce
      Plan 98 is a California King in case you didn’t notice.

    1. @Joseph, several people have had this question. You must have the Sketchup program installed on you computer in order to open Sketchup (skp) files. You can download it free at that should solve your problem. Thanks for purchasing from 3Dwoodworkingplans. Bruce

  2. Question on the Bed-In-A-Box (Single) #102, what is the total size of the box once the bed is broken down? Do you have any pictures? And how skilled does one need to be to try this project?

    1. Hi Steven
      Thanks for the comment. I have added links here to pictures of both single beds. Plan 102 & 105 each photo has the dimensions when the beds are ready for transport.
      On a skill level of 0 – 10 (10 being the most advanced) I would say either bed would be approximately a 7 or 8.
      Plan 102
      Plan 105

    1. @sgilly – there is nothing built into the plan to accommodate the mattress. I believe most people are using some kind of roll up mattress or even an air mattress that collapses to a very small package for easy transport.