Cradle #006

CradleCradle Plan

A challenging project that will definitely be appreciated by the recipient and his parents.

Be prepared when the new bundle of joy arrives. This oak cradle was designed and built on the fly as all of a sudden the grandchild was due and I hadn’t finished. As it turned out we beat the deadline with 48 hours to spare – no problem. The cradle was designed to fit a standard crib mattress so there weren’t any surprises when it was installed. The spindles are purchased, as the furniture build is no problem: turning that many identical spindles certainly would be for me at least. The cradle is easily disassembled for storage as the newborns grow out of them so quickly. It makes a great family keepsake and if your family is anything like mine it will get passed between siblings and their friends.

The mortise and tenon joinery make this a long lasting piece of furniture that will be enjoyed for years to come. There is a locking pin on the end so the cradle can be held stationary when required. Also the cradle can be removed from the stand quite easily for transportation.

Although the cradle will only be used briefly it will become a family treasure and passed among future generations.

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